Obama Monkey Photo by Mary Davenport, Orange County Republican Committee Member

Okay so here is something I don’t understand. Perhaps there is someone out there that can help me to better understand why its considered racist to portray a black person (in this case a half black person) as a monkey or chimpanzee, but its okay to portray a white person as the same?

GW Bush image I found on the internet more than eight years ago

I just don’t get it. During almost every republican presidential administration, cartoonists and photoshoppers everywhere publish pictures of the various presidents that look like monkeys.

I find these images funny as do most other people.

But good God, put an image of President Obama looking like a monkey and all hell breaks loose.

Why is the image of Obama posted above offensive and racist? Lets try to think about this logically for a moment.

If a person of any ethnicity thinks that a picture of Obama that makes him look like a monkey is racist, well wouldn’t it be safe to assume that that same person thinks that African Americans actually look like monkeys?

That’s the only conclusion I can come to here.

This is why I need some clarification here. Saturday Night Live used to show GW Bush looking like a monkey routinely and cast would be laughing about it hysterically, yet no one was offended. Not the media, not African Americans, no one.

But let that same picture be of an African American and people have a shit fit.

So if anyone can give me an answer on this one, I would appreciate it greatly.

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