Los Angeles Braces For Riots After Police Commission Report on Ezell Ford Shooting

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Looking for a new excuse to loot and riot in Los Angeles, black activists have latched onto the Los Angeles Police Department shooting of Ezell Ford, who was shot after taking a gun from an LPD police officer and firing two rounds at them.  The Los Angeles Police Commission is expected to announce the finding of their review on Tuesday.  Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he was confident that commissioners would “conduct an impartial and fair-minded review.”

Garcetti’s statement came as about a dozen protesters continued to camp outside Getty House, the official mayoral residence in Windsor Square, demanding he take action over Ford’s death. The mayor also said he called Ford’s mother, Tritobia, on Sunday night and hoped to meet with her in the coming days.

“I didn’t reach her but left a message, telling her my heart goes out to her and her grieving family, as it has since the news first broke last August,” Garcetti said.

Protesters descended upon Garcetti’s house early Sunday morning, holding pictures of Ford above their heads as they outlined their demands. The demonstrators, part of the Black Lives Matter movement, called on Garcetti to fire LAPD Chief Charlie Beck and for the Police Commission to conduct its review of Ford’s shooting in a public forum.

The demonstration came just days after The Times reported that Beck and Alex Bustamante, the LAPD’s independent watchdog, have determined that two officers were justified in shooting Ford, a mentally ill black man, last summer in South L.A.

Fearing the worst, LAPD will beef up patrols in the area hoping to quell any violence or looting.

The protesters said they were prepared to stay outside Garcetti’s house until Tuesday’s commission meeting. On Monday, Abdullah hinted they could stay longer. “All options are on the table,” she said.

By Monday morning, protesters had chalked messages on the sidewalk in front of the mayor’s home. Photos of Ford were stapled to nearby trees and hung from the mayor’s front gate. Also at the front gate was a cardboard sign: “Black Lives Matter.”

About a half-dozen police officers stood down the block, watching the protest from afar.



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June 8, 2015 · 11:43 am

Border Patrol Helicopter Fired On at Mexican Border

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LAREDO, Texas (AP) — A U.S. Border Patrol helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing in Texas after it was fired upon.

The incident happened about 5 p.m. Friday while the aircraft was patrolling the Rio Grande near the far northwest corner of the border city of Laredo.

Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar (KWAY’-yahr) tells the Laredo Morning Times ( http://bit.ly/1Kg0ji2 ) that out of five shots believed to have been fired at the helicopter, two are confirmed to have hit their target.

Border Patrol spokeswoman Sara Melendez says no one aboard the aircraft was injured. The helicopter landed safely.

There was no immediate word on whether the gunfire came from the Mexican side of the river or the U.S. side.

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June 6, 2015 · 10:58 am

Data Breach Makes Us Wonder If the Government Can Protect Itself From Hackers

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The major data breach announced Thursday at the agency that handles security clearances and federal workers’ records is only the most recent intrusion into a government system — and almost certainly will not be the last.

Experts say the problem is twofold: Government networks are sprawling, outdated and require bureaucratic cooperation to fix. Meanwhile, federal agencies are facing attacks from sophisticated adversaries who know how to sidestep detection.

The Office of Personnel Management will send as many as four million current and former government workers notices that their personal information might have been compromised. Officials told NBC News the breach could be the biggest cyberattack in the nation’s history, potentially affecting every agency of the U.S. government. U.S. officials identified China as the culprit, a charge Chinese officials vehemently denied Friday.

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The disclosure of the attack against OPM, which began months ago, came just one week after the Internal Revenue Service revealed hackers had potentially accessed personal information for more than 100,000 taxpayers.

“People don’t realize that when you’re talking about a government network, you’re just talking about a big network — and often the commercial side of things might be more decently funded,” Bas Alberts, the head of special projects for the Federal Services Branch of cybersecurity company Immunity Inc., told NBC News.

The public tends to have a sense that government networks must be different, or at least better protected, Alberts said. But even as the Obama administration launches new cybersecurity initiatives and policies, and agency heads testify before Congress about improving security, taking actual steps to protect federal data fortresses is difficult.

“It’s not even the money as much as the process involved; everything gets caught in government glue,” Richard Blech, the CEO of cybersecurity firm Secure Channels, which works with several federal agencies, told NBC News.

Last year, an estimated 10 percent of government computers were still running the outdated Windows XP when Microsoft dropped support — as it had warned for years — in April 2014, leaving those machines vulnerable even to simple attacks.

And in April 2015, around the same time OPM discovered the attack, watchdog agency the Government Accountability Office released a report saying 23 of the 24 federal agencies — including OPM — “cited information security as a major management challenge for their agency” last year.

“I’ve worked with these guys, and you have to go through layers and layers of groups and committees to get anything done,” Blech said. “It practically takes an act of Congress to change the computer system.”

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By the time federal agencies get approval to make changes to their networks, install the new systems and set up administrators, hackers have already had ample time to lob attacks and figure out a new way in, Blech said.

“In the meantime, do the hackers care about the laws and regulations the government has to be careful of?” Blech said. “No, they’ll do what they want. And that’s the problem.”

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June 5, 2015 · 1:32 pm

College Liberals, RFRA and Social Media

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Watching socialism course its way through American academia like a terminal cancer has been quite entertaining to say the least. Listening to young “adults” trying to convince those around them that they somehow have a better grasp of reality than the next guy is always good for a chuckle, after all, I was one of them once.

That’s right. I used to be young and stupid too. When I was in college I thought I knew everything. I would argue with my parents over political opinion, constantly trying to push my thoughts and ideas on them with the assumption that they simply didn’t know what they were talking about. I couldn’t understand why they were unyielding in their retorts and why I couldn’t somehow convince them that they were wrong.  My father used to tell me not to worry,  that one day I would understand.

Needless to say that day has come and gone. Now I have a better understanding of the idea that you cannot simply impose your own perception of right and wrong on anyone because right and wrong are indeed subjective to each individual and what they believe. I understand now that at the time I was bogged down in my own confused thought processes that were exacerbated by the pabulum being pumped into my brain by my college professors and social groups that seemed to permeate the campus, pushing their mindless drivel on anyone that would listen.

Today things are much easier for the average college student. With smartphones, laptops and social media, all one needs to do is get online and push their tripe on anyone that will listen, and that is exactly what they do. They get on websites like Twitter and Tumblr and spend the day trying  to convince others that they are right  and trying to get us to believe that we are wrong.

Like I said, quite entertaining considering most of these “adult” college students know not of which they speak. Most seem to use words born out of fervor and anger (emotion) and not sound thought. Logic and reason are cast aside in favor of their own perception of right and wrong and most importantly, FAIRNESS.

A good case in recent history would be the state of Indiana and their RFRA law, or Religious Freedom Act. I had many discussions about it with the average “know it all” college student, and without fail, not ONE of them knew the original intention of the law. All they cared about was that it MIGHT unfairly discriminate against homosexuals.

For the record, it was originally passed almost unanimously passed by then President Bill Clinton and the democrats in 1993, and was designed mostly to protect Native American religions that are burdened by increasing expansion of government projects onto sacred land. In Native American religion the land they worship on is very important. Often the particular ceremonies can only take place in certain locations because these locations have special significance. This, along with peyote use, are the main parts of Native American religions that are often left unprotected.

Without knowing a thing about the law, the gay community simply followed lockstep with their proponents in the LGBT community and immediately began to descend on Indiana with protest signs in hand. There is no self respecting college student that will stand idly by as the bandwagon passes them by, so like the young ideologues that they are, they jumped right on the bandwagon. (remember, I was one of you) The rest as they say is history.

Far be it from me to assume that I know more about any given subject then the next guy.  I too have been schooled on social media.   The difference between me and the average college ideologue is that when I am wrong,   I simply admit it and move forward with a gained knowledge of any given issue.  This is where the real entertainment begins and where these “college socialists” reveal their own addle brained simplicity and their age in  a burst of illogical rage.  Unable to cope with an  admission of actually being wrong, they accuse me of being a “troll.”  I tell them “Sorry, I live in a home, not under a bridge.”   What follows is a round attack on my character and my intelligence, followed by the proverbial “BLOCK!”

This is usually where I giggle like a big ugly 15 year old school girl that was just asked to prom by the high school quarterback.  This is the part of the show I live for. Its also the part of the show where my two college attending ideologue daughters ask me what was so funny.  Fearing for my own safety,  I simply reply “nothing.”


John Dee

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April 6, 2015 · 11:43 am

Twitter to Use Filters to Weed Out Trolls

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I read with great interest the Curt Schilling (One of the greatest pitchers in Red Sox history) story about what the Twitter trolls put Mr. Schilling and his daughter through for having the audacity to congratulate for her acceptance to a university on his Twitter feed.

I also read the recent essay by Ashley Judd which dealt with her being attacked for daring to voice an opinion about college basketball during March Madness.

What these internet miscreants did to Robin Williams daughter after her fathers death was beyond belief. The girls father dies and they mock and ridicule her for daring to put a short eulogy on Twitter.

In Mr. Shilling’s case, he outed several of the “people” on his blog. In my opinion, what Mr. Shilling did was absolutely brilliant. The perpetrators he outed will forever carry the “Schilling Tirade” in the Google index. This means every time someone searches them out on Google, Shillings blog attack will show up.

There are several courses of action a person can take when the trolls descend on them like locusts, spreading their own misery on everyone around them. The first and the easiest way to remedy the trolls is to NEVER acknowledge them! That’s exactly what these people want, especially from a person of notoriety. It makes them feel important to be on an “ANONYMOUS” account on Twitter (or any other site for that matter) making a celebrity fear for their lives. Try to keep in mind that they are CRAZY MORONS looking to make a name for themselves.

Next is to block them with extreme prejudice. Report them to the website, with screenshots and links if they are stupid enough to leave their attacks in the timeline. Keep in mind that most of these people are exposing the person they really are when they troll people because they think they are anonymous. As Curt Schilling so eloquently pointed out, ALL of what they do on Facebook, Twitter etc. is indexed into Google so putting an actual name with the account can potentially ruin them for years to come.

Another way is to parse their timelines. Look for photos of places, download the image and search it out in a Google image search. It yields great results. Tells you where they live so you can connect it to the actual IP addy you get from your website. You are basically doing what Twitter can do with a few simple clicks but you are doing it on your own. I once found a trolls real identity by searching an image of him standing next to a statue in the downtown area of the shitbox that he lived in. Another troll always used his middle name in his Twitter handle. Everyone including the FBI knows who he is now.

Like Curt Schilling, the trolls worked me and my daughters. They threatened rape of my children. Threatened to go to their places of employment and kidnap them. They threatened to call my employer. They called my children. They threatened to blow up our home. The trolls threatened to burn me out. They alleged that they hacked my bank accounts. The flooded this very website with UDP requests and then claimed in their timelines that they hacked the servers and took it over. I have seen it all, and all for the mere act of having a political opinion that they did not agree with, or even worse, to make them feel better about their own miserable existence.

I am of the opinion that if the trolls have an incessant need to attack others in a public forum, their lives must really suck, and in most cases, it does. In my case, only one of my trolls was actually an ambulance chasing lawyer. The rest were absolute bottom feeders. The flotsam and jetsam of American society living a meager existence in flyover country where the exciting part of the day is watching the grass grow. I had to become my own Twitter filter. A year of inaction by Twitter and the absolute frustration on my part was my reason for taking matters into my own hands.

Twitter suspended me for a week for putting their names, addresses, phone numbers, family names (no children) places of employment etc. right here on this blog. If the trolls were minors, I took the liberty of informing their parents of what there children were up to on Twitter, complete with screenshots of their child’s activity online their names, schools which they attended etc.

In the end ALL of them are forever stigmatized in the Google index by yours truly. I outed every last one of them. If they were going to try to ruin me then I would actually ruin them. Every time you Google these people my website pops up in the top of the search complete with screenshots of their accusations directed at me as well as their true identities. They keep creating new accounts but today I simply block and ignore.

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April 3, 2015 · 12:02 pm