Obama lets ‘Inner Moron’ shine with GloZell Invite

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This is yet another fine example of obama appealing to the lowest common denominator, the incredibly stupid people that voted for Obama in the first place. Obama had a “sit down” with GloZell, a YouTube phenom that seems to get people to watch he make an ass of herself and broadcast it for all the world to see.

 Obama tries to grab GloZell's breast in his interview with her.

Obama tries to grab GloZell’s breast in his interview with her.

Obama looked wore his usual “dear caught in the headlights” look as he sat there not knowing who GloZell was and trying desparately to relate to he and her obnoxious green lipstick, at points looking frightened and almost ready to run from GloZell fearing for his own safety.

Benjamin Netanyahu, John Boehner

The local media here in Los Angeles ran the story of Obama and GloZell, then followed with another story of the Boehner Netanyahu addressing the Congress, mocking and ridiculing Boehner for daring to in their words “pull such a stunt.”

That’s what makes this so hysterically funny. Obama meets with Bozo the clown, Boehner with a world leader and Boehner is mocked. There is no OBVIOUS media bias here in the USA, is there?

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January 24, 2015 · 12:04 pm

Tumblr Humor or Open Bigotry Against White America?

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Seeing posts like this makes me understand why America is so f**ked up. People seem to think it’s okay to mock white people. This is not funny, I see nothing funny about it and it sickens me to think that white people are being routinely called “RACIST” when the real racists are the very LIBERAL MINORITES and GUILTY WHITE PEOPLE that come up with this pabalum. You demostrate your clear LACK OF UNDERSTANDING and OPEN BIGOTRY when you post such mindless drivel on social media. JD


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January 13, 2015 · 12:09 am

Two Firemen Injured in ‘Black Ice’ Crash in Missouri

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Epic fail. Two firefighters were injured while responding to a call when they lost ontrol of their truck.

Epic fail. Two firefighters were injured while responding to a call when they lost ontrol of their truck.

Talk about an epic fail. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries when a fire truck they were riding in early Friday overturned in rural Franklin County.

A firefighter said the two were taken to a hospital after the crash, about 7 a.m. Friday. The truck overturned in the 1200 block of Old Cove Road near St. Clair.

The firefighters work for the St. Clair Fire Protection District. Roads in the area have been reported as icy. The fire truck was upside down, in a ditch just off the road.

The Missouri Highway Patrol is investigating.

The office manager for the fire district referred questions to Fire Chief Les Crews, who could not be reached for comment.

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January 2, 2015 · 11:59 am

Weighing in on Ferguson, Eric Garner and Black Lives Matter

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Sitting here ready the feeds from Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites, I find myself dumbfounded by the lack of intellectual honesty of the African American community and the leftist media which seem to want constantly point out the ethnicity of a police officer and the criminals they shoot, but at the same time completely dismiss black on black crime as if its a non-issue, never to be discussed or acknowledged.

Black America seems to think that blacks killing other blacks is a “seperate” issue from cops killing blacks. They act as if they know there is a problem there, but stopping cops from killing blacks is far more important then stopping blacks from killing other blacks. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

Its the truth. African Americans willing acknoledge that they have a problem in their own community, but more important is the fact that the police are killing black criminals for refusing not just to follow the law, but to follow simple commands that law enforcement uses not just to protect themselves, but the alleged criminal as well. When a cop tells you to get on the ground, you get on the ground. If you are innocent they will let you go on your way.

Michael Brown attacked a store clerk, beat him down and robbed him of a box of Swisher Sweets. That an undeniable fact. WItnesses both black and white, then said that he attacked officer Darren Wilson and that Wilson acted accordingly when his own safety was threatened. That again is a fact and was told to a grand jury under sworn testimony.

Eric Garner is an even more interesting case whereas Mr. Garner had been arrested several times before for selling untaxed cigarettes in front of smoke shops around New York. The smoke shop owners were the ones calling the cops on Garner because it was hurting their highly taxed businesses.

Garner was on probation and had two pending cases for selling contraband in the same neighborhood. Garner was no angel. Granted what Garner was doing was brought on by the enormous tax put on tobacco by the liberal do gooders of NYC and should not even be a crime in the first place. The real crime is the taxation of tobacco by New York City.

Blatant Black Hypocrisy

There is a huge problem here for the black community. Dismissing the rampant crime in the black community and instead focusing on cops killing common criminals that would either end up in prison for life or be killed on the streets by another black criminal is blatant hypocrisy. Unfortunately, Americans are not buying it. America has grown weary of the constant excuse making by the African American community when it comes to doing the right thing in life. We all sit holding our breath wondering that the next ecuse will be from the mouths of your so call “community leaders.”

Your shouts of “racism” are now falling on deaf ears because we have all heard your cockamamie excuses too many times to believe it anymore.

So black America has taken it to the next level. They have taken the argument from excuses to the blame game and they went for the easiest target, law enforcement. After all law enforcement is part of government. This is a cheap and easy way to complain about Obama and the fact that blacks didn’t get their “40 acres and a mule” without ever mentioning Obama’s name.

After all, when Obama was elected in 2008, my black friends were acting like all of their problems had been solved. Now they would get what they were owed by a racist society. A free ride in life as it were. Obama promised black America the moon but delivered an ObamaPhone and crappy health care.

African Americans are disappointed with Obama for not delivering ANY of the very things he promised while on the campaign trail. They cannot openly attack Obama because he is the first black president that white America has had any faith in, it would make Obama look bad. So they went to the easiest victim. Themselves. They accuse the cops of racism all the time, so it makes the cops an easy target.

Forget about the fact that they would never have a run in with a cop if they were not out commiting crime. Forget about the FACT they they simply refuse to obey the laws of America. It has nothing to do with black crime. It has everything to do with racist cops. Do you see the hypocrisy in this way of thinking?

Community Leaders

This brings us to the two morons that have been there all along, not to help African Americans, but ot make money selling Black America as a commodity to the highest bidder. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have done more to destroy Black America than any government could ever hope to do is half the time. Marching lockstep with these two morons is akin to White America walking with Adolf Hitler.

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are no friend to African Americans. They are or should be your sworn enemy. They use blacks as pawns in a crooked game of chess where they are the only winner. Blacks in Feguson rallied around the race baiter Sharpton and followed his every word. Eventually some guy that called himself “Michael Brown’s father” who was really just Brown’ mothers latest shack up said the words “Lets burn this bitch down” and the rest is history. Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, the two race baiters that started th mess were no where to be found. Now Furguson lay in ruins and the very people that burned it to the ground complain that they have nowhere to shop for food.

The hypocrisy of the left and the African American community is there day in and day out starring us all right in the face. People think that no one will remember what has occurred. Race relations are at an all time low. Obama, the man who was supposed to “heal old wounds” within the races is off golfing in Hawaii again, oblivious to the shitstorm he has created among the races. He doesn’t care after all. Obama and his family have effectively been made millionaires off the backs of . . . well off the backs of black people who will continue to live in their ghettos, making babies and living off the tax payer. There is your “change” that Obama promised which never came to be. JD

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January 1, 2015 · 10:23 pm

Obama Amnesty plan set for next week

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Listening to news of Obama’s plan to make millions of illegal immigrants citizens of America, I am reminded of a time when Ronald Reagan struck a deal with house democrats on tax relief for the middle class. During Reagan’s time, it was the southwest, primarily California, Arizona and Texas that would feel the impact of an amnesty for illegal aliens.

There is a big difference this time. Democrats know that most of the illegal aliens from south of the border are Catholic. The catholic religion denies birth control and encourages making lots of children.

Democrats know this. This is why Obama had central and north America flooded with news of an upcoming amnesty. This is also why we saw the train loads of illegals coming north to the border, and why Obama and the democrats were careful to place them all over America, not just the southwestern part of the United States.

The primary objective here is to put these people in the heartland of conservatism in America. Mostly in the Bible belt. Twenty years from now these parts of the country will be infected with the same “plague” we have been suffering from for 20 years now here in California.

Incredibly stupid people, unwilling to assimilate, putting hard work before education and routinely lining up to elect and re-elect democrats to keep the river of freebies flowing.

That’s what this whole thing is about. Obama and the democrats knew they would get their asses kicked this past election, so they created a backup plan that included importing more stupid people to vote them into office in return for votes in 2016. The whole thing is a scam.

Now Obama has to act on immigration or 2016 will be a complete loss for democrats. No one knows this better than the DNC and Obama. Obama has (with the blessing of the Democrat National Committee) ruined the party. However, Obama and the democrats are depending on the fact that most Americans in the ghettos and elsewhere cannot remember what they ate for dinner last night, let alone what happened in 2013.

That is what is called a paradox. An open hole in the fabric of America that the democrats drive their liberal message through on a daily basis. JD

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November 12, 2014 · 6:48 pm