The colossal blunders that have created Obama’s ‘war’ with ISIS

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I just wanted to put down a few thoughts here about Obama and ISIS, and the problems the United States will have defending an enemy that walks among us all right here in America.

First and foremost, Obama and Obama alone is responsible for the inception of ISIS. Remember it was Obama that wanted to get all of the troops out of the region so that he could say he got all the troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

This was all for one reason for Obama. His poll numbers and nothing more. Listening to the liberals and their proclaimations all over social media about it was a real hoot. However, the end result was the formation of ISIS and Caliphate, or the takover of the entire region by a group of madmen intent on killing anyone that did not believe as they believe.

It has reminded an old guy like me of a recent time in world history where this has happened before. Vietnam, Cambodia Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. Richard Nixon pulled troops from Vietnam and Cambodia fell under the control of Pol Pot.

The despot Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge

The despot Pol Pot, leader of the Khmer Rouge

Pot presided over a totalitarian dictatorship that imposed a radical form of agrarian socialism on the country. His government forced urban dwellers to relocate to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labor projects. The combined effects of executions, forced labor, malnutrition, and poor medical care caused the deaths of approximately 25 percent of the Cambodian population.

In all, an estimated 1 to 3 million people (out of a population of slightly over 8 million) died due to the policies of his four-year premiership.

Its a far cry from what’s going on in Iraq right now, but you get my point. When a country goes into another country, takes control and then simply walks away, there is bound to be a problem.

 James Foley's parents in anguish over the death of their son.

James Foley’s parents in anguish over the death of their son.

Obama and his lackeys in Washington knew this. They had to have known about ISIS all along. We cannot make a phone call anywhere in the world today where there isn’t some intelligence agency listening in on the conversation.

There are so many blunders Obama has made during his presidency that they are hard to count anymore, but this will probably stand out historically as the biggest blunder of all when its all over.

Obama has spent the majority of his presidency on a golf course. He does not even go to the daily staff meetings to keep up on world events because he would rather be golfing. There is no denying this. Liberals can sit about pontificating all over social media and main stream media all they want, but to date Obama has been the worst president in my 50 years on the planet.

Now here we all sit. Proud Americans with nothing to be proud of at the moment because a moron has run the country into the ground with his lack of interest of being president. There is a growing consensus among the media elite that believe that Obama never wanted to actually be president. He only wanted to enjoy the perks that come along with being president. Live life like a rock star.

Well Liberal America, Obama got what he wanted. What have you got out of the deal? ObamaCare? Three years later and we still don’t know if it will actually work because it is so unpopular the democrats won’t let Obama implement it into actual law.

Today when I run across anyone that defends Obama I just laugh and understand that they are the very same people that PT Barnum was talking about when he said “there is a sucker born every minute.” Because at this point, you really would have to be a sucker to believe anything that comes out of Obama’s mouth.

As far as I am concerned, Obama created ISIS. Leutenant Colenel Ralph Peters said it best when he said “Our allies don’t trust us, our enemies don’t fear us, and you can’t blame that on Bush.” He was incredibly accurate in his assessment of Obama, and he did it in one sentence. Obama and his apologist regime created this nightmare and have absolutely no clue as to how to bail us out. But hey, they can tell you how to swing a nine iron. JD

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September 15, 2014 · 12:11 am

Kansas laywer in battle against Obama on illegal immigration

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As President Barack Obama prepares to announce major immigration policy changes, conservative attorney Kris Kobach is fighting a case in federal court he says has the potential to “torpedo” the president’s plans.

Kobach, the Republican secretary of state of Kansas, is an architect of laws in several states to combat illegal immigration. He is also the most prominent figure among a small group of lawyers working to punch legal holes in Obama’s immigration policies.

Obama has pledged to act alone in the face of congressional inaction on immigration reform, and an announcement could come in early September. Immigration advocates close to the White House are pressing for work permits and relief from deportation for up to 5 million people.

While opponents can’t craft a legal strategy until Obama lays out the specifics of his plan, Kobach is likely to be at the forefront of any battle.

“I think anybody inclined to challenge (Obama’s action) would either already know, or would ask around and find out, that Kobach is one of the main go-to guys,” said Michael Jung, a private lawyer in Dallas who has worked with Kobach.

Kobach, who is pursuing an existing lawsuit against the administration over a 2012 executive order Obama issued on immigration, said any new lawsuit would depend on what the administration rolled out.

But he made clear his distaste for unilateral White House action on immigration.

“In my opinion it really goes to the core of what America is about as a nation, we are a nation of laws,” Kobach told Reuters in an interview. “When you have this systematic violation of the law by official policy that’s really troubling. It just bothers me down to the very fiber of my being.”

Some legal experts say any legal challenges would have only slim chances of success. The biggest hurdle is proving “standing,” a requirement that the person bringing the suit show that they have been directly harmed.

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September 3, 2014 · 8:22 am

ICE Releases Convicted Illegal Alien Murderers From Prison Across America

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Those arguing for comprehensive immigration reform tend to characterize illegal immigrants as innocent undocumented economic refugees.

Many, perhaps most, are.

But an uncontrolled southern border also allows real bad guys to wade across the Rio Grande, criminals you would not want to meet up with even on the far side of bullet-proof glass.

illegal aliens flipping off American protesters

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) released 169 aliens with homicide-related convictions in 2013, according to an article by Jessica Vaughn at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Only one of them has subsequently left the country.

Nine releases were at ICE discretion. The remainder were released because the country they should be deported to is fussing about accepting them, or because of a Ninth Circuit Court of appeals ruling on bonding them out after six months of detention.

So even if you commit murder, you may not be deported.

The article says that the convicted murderers were booked out of detention facilities in 24 different states, with the largest number in California, according to information provided to Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).

Senator Grassley asked ICE for more information about murderers particularly after CIS published a report describing how ICE freed 36,007 aliens with criminal convictions in 2013.

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August 31, 2014 · 11:45 am

Illegal Immigrant Who Killed Two Girls Gets No Prison Time, No Deportation

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A judge in Oregon has dismissed the deportation case against Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, a 19-year-old illegal immigrant who killed two young girls in a hit-and-run car accident last year. Though Garcia-Cisneros was in the midst of removal proceedings, she is now released and will not face deportation.

Garcia-Cisneros, who came from Mexico as a child, had permission to be in the country under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program instituted by President Obama in 2012.

Last October, Garcia-Cisneros was driving in Oregon when she hit two sisters, Anna Dieter-Eckerdt, 6, and Abigail Robinson, 11, as the girls were playing in a pile of leaves. Garcia-Cisneros apparently drove through the leaf pile, unable to see the little girls playing in it. She fled the scene, later claiming she had no idea she had hit anyone. Garcia-Cisneros claimed she realized she had killed the children only after her brother returned to the scene, spoke with the grieving father of one of the girls, and reported back.

Cinthy Garcia-Cisneros

Garcia-Cisneros did not go back to the scene of the accident. Her boyfriend took her Nissan Pathfinder to a car wash to have it cleaned immediately afterward, and both he and Garcia-Cisneros initially lied to police when asked about the accident.

The parents of the girls and the fiancee of Anna Dieter-Eckerdt’s biological father say they have forgiven her and asked for clemency.

In January, a judge sentenced Garcia-Cisneros to probation and community service, a notably light sentence for fleeing the scene after hitting and killing two little girls.

Though she avoided prison, as an illegal whose felony conviction canceled her DACA protection, she was taken to an immigration detention center. Local paper The Oregonian explains:

But Garcia-Cisneros was then taken to the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Wash. because she is not an American citizen. She was brought here as a child and had temporary permission to be in the country through the federal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Her felony conviction disqualified her from that program, however, and she was in danger of being deported.

When President Obama first instituted DACA in June 2012, we were told by the administration and its supporters in both parties that these were children straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting – the next generation of physicists, mechanics, doctors, and lawyers. These were law-abiding “dreamers.”

Garcia-Cisneros’ felony conviction should have disqualified her for DACA, but the immigration judge in her case, whose name was not released by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, has canceled the deportation proceedings. Garcia-Cisneros is now back under DACA’s protection and benefits — a free woman who qualifies for a work permit and a social security number.

Laws for ordinary Americans are harsher than ever, while illegal immigrants are absolved of crimes with a slap on the wrist and deportation proceedings canceled.

Bienvenidos a America.

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August 29, 2014 · 11:48 am

llegal immigrant to be charged in deadly DUI crash in Michigan

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This happens all day long here in California. The downside for anyone involved in an accident with an illegal alien is that they have no license, no insurance and usually run back to their country of origin for 6 months, then come back under a new assumed name. You are left holding the bag.

A 30-year-old suspected illegal immigrant is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday to face charges for driving drunk and killing a motorcyclist.

The crash happened around 9 p.m. Sunday on 32nd St. near Apple Ave. Investigators say the eastbound SUV crossed the center line hitting the motorcycle. The motorcyclist is identified as David Achterhof, 57, of Holland.

Two passengers in the SUV ran from the scene of the crash, but officers caught them a short time later.

The three occupants are all in custody at the Holland Department of Public Safety and being held for Immigration and Customs Enforcement as a result of their immigration status.

The suspect is expected to be charged with operating while intoxicated causing death, driving with a suspended license causing death, and failing to stop at a fatal accident. His identity will be released after the hearing.

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August 29, 2014 · 11:16 am