10 things you wouldn’t do on Twitter if people knew your real identity

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Just a quick thought I had today while doing something completely unrelated to Twitter. I was wondering about people that do and say what they do and say on a public forum like Twitter and why they seem to think that anyone should believe them in the first place. J

1. Threaten people, families and children.

This is an interesting behavior. What makes it interesting is that my family or family of most Twitter users have little or nothing to do what what we are doing and saying on Twitter. I liken this behavior to getting in a fight on the school yard, taking a beating, and saying “I’m telling my dad and he is gonna kick your dad’s ass.” Incredibly juvenile.


This one is quite stunning indeed. I am a life long conservative and any conservative I know belongs to only one group. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! Worrying about group affiliation on Twitter is what I call “A GROUP THINK MENTALITY” born out of liberal ideology. Nothing more. Especially the Twitter Terrorists. I saw the other night where they call themselves “The Wrecking Crew.” An appropriate name indeed. After all, their motive is to ruin anyone with an opinion. Any opinion.What an incredibly convoluted way of thinking.


3. Cyber Stalking and bullying.

This one goes hand in hand with all of the above but trust me, people that do this would never do such things if people knew who they really were. What people like @_Amanspatriae do is so Machiavellian (link for the addle brained Twitter Terrorists) in nature that Nicolo Machiavelli would be jealous. Some of these people are like Caligula and Nero reborn.

4. Talk like a tough guy.

One of my personal favorites. These neanderthals sit around measuring the size of the penis with the language of a ten year old. All that seems to matter to them is what kind of truck you drive, how many guns you have and what kind of beer you drink. When I read their tripe and mindless drivel I want to puke. Grow the hell up and we are all sorry that you are only five feet tall and 2 inches in the crotch.

5. Convince people you are someone you are not.

Ah the power brokers of Twitter. The people that like to make others believe that they are “connected” and can cause “certain people” great harm if they are not listened to by the masses. They sit about dropping names all day and hanging on tightly to their Twitter account like its their blankey and they can’t live without it.

6. Use an image of another person as your avi.

This one goes hand in hand with those that use pics of them that are 20 years old. Facinating indeed. I am who you see. A middle aged man with nothing more to offer then the respect and civility that we all deserve.

7.Demonstrate on a daily basis that Twitter is the only thing you have in life.

I see people on here that seem to wake to Twitter, chat on Twitter all day long and close their day with “Time for bed now Goodnight.” These are people that say they are married with young children! Here is a sample of the reality of their day. They wake, get on Twitter. The kids wake and get a cold PopTart and a glass of milk and sit in front of the TV all day while mommy pretends she is someone she is not on Twitter. The kids come in and interrupt her while she is mocking others on Twitter and there is hell to pay. The kids put 2 and 2 together and realize that as long as she is on Twitter, don’t bother her. Think KillerBunny.

8. Attack a mother who’s daughter met her untimely demise while drinking and driving.

This is certainly one of the most egregious acts I have ever witnessed over the course of 50 years on this planet. What kind of sick human would stoop to this level? I will tell you what kind of person. A jealous woman that is not only fat, but hideous to look at. She (amans) tends to target attractive conervative women. That’s her tell. Tell in the poker sense. Every poker player has one. A dead giveaway. I am a man. I know of no self respecting man or woman, democrat or conservative, that could behave in such a reprehensible, abhorent manner. You are a sick human and you need to be institutionalized. Anyone, and I mean ANYONE that supports you in any way is as sick as you are. And listen lady, the gun picture for your avi solidified for me that you are a woman. If not then you are a homosexual man. One or the other.

9. People which have no conscience or respect for themselves or others

An easy one. See above.

10. Those that take anything on Twitter seriously.

Listen. When Twitter started, it was a great place where people could go to respectfully agree to disagree and have meaningful, long discussions about a myriad of topics. It has degenerated into a high school mentality of people trying to be popular and terrorists that roam Twitter looking for people to attack. Its quite sad. What was once a great thing has been ruined by that same kid that walks the beaches kicking down other peoples sand castles.

When all is said and done and the iPhone is set down, the laptop is closed and the iPad is plugged into the charger, those that are addicted to Twitter will be there tomorrow, first thing, hammering away at someone that had the audacity to disagree with something they said. It’s quite embarrassing indeed. I feel sorry for America. JD

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April 15, 2014 · 1:11 am

Dealing With Social Media Stalkers

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Here is a quick link to a great article on Hufington Post of all places that tells anyone being harassed or threatened on social media sites EXACTLY how to deal with the situation and the miscreants creating all the problems. The article is written by Patrick Hess who has a son that has gained intenational fame on social media. Its worth the read.


Online privacy is only as strong as the posts, comments and geo-tracking updates attached to social media we use. Fortunately, for my sake, I’ve been quite invested in knowing the pros and cons of social media use, especially since my under-18 son has quite a following on his various accounts.

While most teens use social media for social reasons, in our home, mom and dad are staunch Facebook users for social reasons, but Spencer, not so much. His social media accounts are 99 percent used for communicating with fans and rarely with close friends or family as most teens do.

This has created some frustrations for him since he just wants to have a normal social life where things like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine and Google+ can be a version of phone-to-phone texting on steroids. He definitely texts his close friends and mom- and dad-approved new acquaintances, but it’s presented challenges for us as parents anyway.

Read more here:

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April 13, 2014 · 11:51 am


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Testing again then Bed time

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April 13, 2014 · 12:41 am

Stephen Colbert named host of “The Late Show”

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Has CBS gone mad? Replacing the mildly funny David Letterman with an unfunny Stephen Colbert is probably one of the stupidest things CBS can do for The Late Show ratings. Colbert is only funny to liberals it seems, as his ranting about politics is strickly against the right and even then he isn’t funny.

In an attempt to be funny, Colbert said “Simply being a guest on David Letterman’s show has been a highlight of my career,” Colbert said in a statement. “I never dreamed that I would follow in his footsteps, though everyone in late night follows Dave’s lead. I’m thrilled and grateful that CBS chose me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go grind a gap in my front teeth.”

Colbert introduced his mock-conservative blowhard persona as a correspondent on The Daily Show, with Stewart’s predecessor Craig Kilborn. He got his own show (produced by Stewart) in 2005, which competes with Letterman at 11:30 ET/PT four nights a week but has a much higher concentration of the younger viewers that advertisers and networks seek.

CBS isn’t talking yet about location, producer or “specific creative elements” of the new show, but Colbert is extremely likely to shed that persona, which would be difficult to sustain in an hour-long network talk show.

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April 10, 2014 · 12:00 pm

Longing for the good old days here in Los Angeles

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When I was a kid life was quite simple. You got up, went to the beach, rode a wave and life was back on the sand 100 yards away. Living in Los Angeles my entire life where there is always something new to do or see can spoil a person. When I grew up a night in Hollywood meant hitting a few bars, walking up Sunset Blvd with a six pack of beer to the Roxy or Whisky-a-Go-Go to see The Circle Jerks or bands like Fear, Oingo Boingo, the Butthole Surfers, Surf Nazis, Geez the list goes on and on.

I used to see Motley Crue at backyard parties. I used to see Van Halen at the Whisky. I know these bands mean little to most today, because punk rock and rock and roll have been lost to techno-nonsense generated by computers not people. I once went to a friends 21 birthday in Beverly Hills where her father had Devo play the party when Devo was huge.

I saw bands like “Heart” at the Whisky when they were playing 8 sold out shows at the Los Angeles Forum. I saw REO Speedwagon at Wolf and Rissmillers Country Club in Reseda when they were selling out the Hollywood Bowl.

When you see what were at the time, “Mega bands” before they were mega bands its a pretty amazing thing. What most people don’t realize is before they were famous, they were people just like you and me. Anyway, I digress.

One day I was at the Hard Rock Cafe and walked out into the street to almost get run over by the Martin Chambers, the drummer for the Pretenders. He was a very nice man. I got knocked to the ground at the Hard Rock by Linda Ronstadt. The socialist bitch was coming out of the bathroom and walked right into me. She was only about five feet tall but weighed about as much as three of me.

My point is that around here, seeing celebrities is an everyday event. We have Disneyland, and the original too, not that cheap knock-off down in Florida. We have 2 baseball teams and no pro football teams, but we have the Lakers, The Clippers, The Kings and The Ducks.

We have mountains and deserts, we have the beaches and about 4 hours away we have Yosemite. I can hop the train down to San Diego, which is an amazing place. Zoos, top notch museums, clubs, concerts, you name it, we have it.

So when those of you out there wonder where I am and what I am doing, that’s it. I’m doing something fun to be sure. I am going to the Dodger game this coming Wednesday courtesy of my boss where I have every intention of sitting right behind home plate where the food is free and the beer is flowing. Those seats cost 350.00 a piece but its worth it. They are playing the Detroit Tigers.

After the game my boss is taking me downtown to Weilands, a restaurant/brewery in Los Angeles for some beers and good eats. This is what bosses do for model employees.

I wrote this to point it out to all of the losers on Twitter that continue to attack me even though I have left the battle. You people really need to get a life. You have grown into a sad and pathetic lot of people without any purpose in life. Have a good day and a better tomorrow. JD

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April 7, 2014 · 12:15 am