My assessment of Social Justice Warriors . . . Generation Retard

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The Social Justice Warrior. You people are an embarrassment to America and higher education. You can’t even wipe your ass right and can’t seem to even clean up after yourselves, yet you think you know everything. Every time I read your mindless drivel I cringe and fear for the future of America.

You and your retarded friends seem to believe that because you are in the 13th grade, AKA college, you know everything. Most of you tards are riding your daddy’s credit card through life and have not ever paid a fucking bill in your lives. Your car, your tuition, your fucking room and board is either being paid by your wealthy patents or by me and people like me that work and pay taxes.

maxresdefaultLike the rest of Generation Retard, you want life easy. You want to sit at home smoking weed and badmouthing capitalism in a some sort of attempt to explain your own simplistic disposition and perception of how life should be.

You are part of a lot of pathetic slobs that have no discipline in life. Your parents coddled you, wiped your butts, paid for your existence, kept you alive and now pay for all your needs, yet you attack the very system that they live under. They pay taxes. They work to keep all of your less fortunate friends that cannot afford what your parents have given you and ALREADY help to put them through school because their parents were like you . . . too fucking lazy to work for a living and provide for the very children that they brought into this world.

Your answer to all of this is to lash out and bite the hand that feeds. You attack the very system that made your life possible. That’s how stupid you are, hence the title Generation Retard. You are a collective of people that are so fucking stupid that you can’t see the forest through the trees. Yet you sit about acting like because you are 19 years old you know so much. That is the irony here for people like me, that read your pablum and then take five minutes out of my life to mock and ridicule people like you.

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November 19, 2015 · 5:08 pm

Liberals, The Syrian Refugee “Crisis” and Liberal Logic

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Watching the news recently, I saw President Obama do what he has done so often over his seven year tenure, mock and ridicule anyone and everyone that oppose any given idea of his, and make allegations based on purely fabrication. Within minutes, his “Social Justice Wariors” or SJW’s run roughshod all over social media parroting Obama as if what he said is the gospel truth. Its a formula that has worked well for Obama and the democrats over the years. In lockstep, the media is there to pile on and keep repeating the lies until people actually believe them.

The latest case in point would be Obama’s allegation that the Syrian refugees that he wants to bring to America are all “Widows and Orphans.” Nothing could be further from the truth of course, but I watched it live when he said it. I was also watching both my Twitter and Tumblr feeds during the press conference.

On social media, I follow a lot of liberals and SJW’s because I feel its always good to know what your enemy is doing, and its pretty damn funny to see how hysterical liberals become over any given issue. Anyway, I digress. Withing five minutes of Obama saying that the Syrian refugees were “Widows and orphans” Memes began to appear in my timelines that mocked conservatives. They were calling the Syrian refugees “widows and orphans” and some were quite elaborately done. There was simply no way that these people could have put the memes together with such short notice. Clearly these accounts were liberal operatives that were given Obama’s daily agenda complete with “talking points.”

Trust me when I say this. This is how Obama and the Democrats spread their propaganda. They want to portray the Refugees as people that are in a dire strights. Like its a life or death situation, but the reality is that there is nothing farther from the truth. Last time syrian-refugeesI checked, refugees didn’t wear Levi’s and Reeboks and look like Olympic weight lifters. We have all seen the images from the European press showing these well fed, nicely dressed “refugees” getting off boats and immediately making demands of their new “Country.” Most are men between the ages of 20 and 45. Its absolutely ludicrous for Obama and the SJW’s to try to make us believe otherwise at this point.

We have also seen and read about how these “refugees” in Europe simply refuse to work and are a huge drain on the governments of the countries they landed in. We have seen the news and read about the Muslim ghetto’s that have ruined entire regions of France. We have watched the reports of Muslim communities that they French police refuse to enter because they won’t make it out alive. This is true here in America too. Obama and the SJW’s act like the problems in the Muslim communities within Detroit don’t exist. The democrats know of the problems in Detroit yet call them “isolated incidents” and not the HUGE problem of people refusing to work and unwilling to contribute to America because they HATE US!

Now President Obama is traveling the world badmouthing not only Republicans, but anyone that says NO to his manufactured “Syrian refugee crisis” calling all those that oppose him “extremists and alarmist” and “Islamophobes” ( A liberal created word designed to fit the narratve) which is a backhanded way of calling us racists because we said no to the black Muslim president that wants to invite 200,000 of his Muslim brothers into America to vote democrat and help drive the death nail into what was once a strong, proud nation.

Lets face it. Almost everything Obama has done as President has been unpopular to all but those that want to see America fail. For the last 8 years stupidity is the rule of the day. We have become an “end justifies the means” society, but there is never anything good that comes from anything Obama and his Social just warriors except name calling, excuses and broken promises.

I don’t live in a society anymore. I live in a place where people are quick to judge and dissension isn’t allowed even though the country was created by people that had contempt for this very kind of behavior in the first place. Colleges are rife with loser professors that couldn’t hack it in the real world and blame the system for not just their own failure, but for making them try for success more than once. Now those same professors pump their own socialist hatred of America into the minds of our children and live quite well for doing it. It’s a disgrace and Obama is responsible for every bit of it.

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November 19, 2015 · 1:23 pm

Haggen Grocery Sucks

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Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California had a miscarriage of retail grocers recently when a company called “Haggen Grocery” took over some of the Albertsons and Vons stores because Albertsons bought Vons/Safeway and they would have too large a market share in the So Cali Region so the Federal Trade commission made Albertsons sell stores to Haggen.

Haggen came to Los Angeles with a whimper and left almost as quick as they could. In fact, the whole thing seemed to be a scam. They place few if any ads in any paper or on TV. If they did, I never saw them. They did nothing to attract business. They immediately raised all the prices of every item in their store by 50% or more. It was ridiculous. After just three months I could see the writing on the wall. These stores were opened and designed to fail. Someone needed some big tax write off at the expense of of thousands of employees and thats what this seems to have been.

In Los Angeles, if you build it they will come. There are 10.2 million people in Los Angeles County alone. People need food. Its a fucking no brainer. You open a store and people will buy providing the prices are competitive. Haggen didn’t even try to be competitive. In fact, they seemed not to even care that the stores that were once full of paying customers were empty and void of anyone buying anything.

After six months you could see the worry on the employees faces. When you asked about it, they would just shrug and say some company line in fear of losing their jobs. These were good people that a saw a couple of times a week and were perfectly happy when the store was Vons. Now you see the worry in their eyes. These people have mortgages and car notes. Now because of corporate greed they are about to lose their careers.

Its been about a year now since Haggen took over. They have “Going out of Business” and “Everything 40% off” signs all over the building. I went in to see if there were any deals. It seems they raised all the prices 40% and then take the same 40% off at the register so even that is a fucking scam.

I wish that Vons and Albertsons would just take the store back. They are more expensive than that shitbox WalMart, but who cares. WalMart is so full of illegal aliens running their EBT scams that it takes 45 minutes to get out the door. I will pay a little more to avoid shopping in Tijuana . . . . Er . . . . WalMart.

TO all the people that run Haggen at a corporate level, you suck balls. I hope you all are happy that you destroyed a lot of perfectly good careers and stores. You people are assholes. Good riddance. JD

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October 29, 2015 · 5:06 pm

Millionaire Producer Arron Sorkin Blames Donald Trump’s Popularity On White Supremacy

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In one of the most bizarre interviews that I have ever heard on sports radio, Arron Sorkin, an American screenwriter, producer, and playwright, tried to explain to Steve Mason and John Ireland of “The Mason and Ireland show” on ESPN radio in Los Angeles, that Donald Trumps popularity with the American people is because of “white supremacy.”

I must say that I was quite baffled by Mr. Sorkin’s assertion that Mr. Trump is only popular with the masses because the “white people” in America are racist. Clearly Arron Sorkin has no concept of the laws and the U.S. constitution, because if he did he would have never made such a statement. In fact, Using Mr. Sorkins, logic, if one were to simply get enough people to believe that bank robbers have rights too, banks would be void of all money.

I don’t know where Mr. Sorkin lives here in Los Angeles, which (because of California’s lax immigration laws) is ground ZERO when it comes to the burden of PAYING for illegal immigration, but I would bet his home is worth millions. I would also bet that Mr. Sorkin enjoys the cheap labor costs of having illegal immigrants mow his acreage each week while the poor people that pay money to watch his mindless drivel on TV and in the movies struggle to make ends meet. But who cares, Arron Sorkin has made himself quite wealthy living off the hard work of others. Why worry about the small stuff?

“Small stuff” are to wealthy people, things like employment of American citizens, the cost of living, how much gasoline costs, how to pay your rent or mortgage. These are things that the “Hollywood elite” don’t worry about because their wallets and opinions are so hefty that they truly believe that they shit marble.

Mr. Sorkin, White supremacy has nothing to do with the popularity of Donald Trump. Saying something like that helps me to understand why I don’t watch television anymore. Because its written, directed and produced by a group of veritable morons that have become so detached from reality that they believe their way of thinking is the only way of thinking. Of course, this would be the end result of writing lives as “stories” rather than actually having to live life with the day to day struggles that most Americans face.

Incredibly enough Mr. Sorkin, there are people that get out of bed every single day of the year and go to a SHITTY job and worry all day long as to they are going to pay for their daughter’s braces for her teeth. How they are going to pay the electric bill. How to pay the rent. You see them every day as you drive by in your Benzo on your way back to the palace you call a house. Most people don’t make in a year what your home cost you in a month you self righteous prick!

So while you sit eating your $300.00 a plate of lunch, power brokering it up with your SOCIALIST friends, try to remember that there are people that make less in a week than the very lunch you are about to throw away because you just realized how bad it actually tastes in the first place. Also try to understand that they are making less because the wage they earn was lowered by very the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS who work for peanuts in the first place.

You should also remember Mr. Sorkin, that with socialism, in the end everyone is equal. “Your money” will then be “our money.” That is the point when “socialism” becomes “Communism.” JD

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October 26, 2015 · 1:14 am

Trying Ubuntu . . .

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Well I have taken a leap of faith here and have loaded Ubuntu LTE 14.04 on my Windows machine in a “dual boot” configuration. I know but I prefer baby steps. I have to say that if anyone is tired of the world of pop up ads flying around as you are trying to browse websites and slow page loads, Ubuntu is for you.

For most people installation seems to be a snap, although I was not one of those lucky ones that had an easy time of it. Ubuntu didn’t like the video card in my laptop, but the good news is that there is ample support online that helped me fix the bugs and get it running beautifully on this machine. In the process of fixing it, I learned a lot of commands like “apt-get” and also how to use “Terminal” which I had not done much since the days of DOS, long before the GUI existed.

Anyway, I am now about to post this short blurb to my website from Ubuntu and see how all the various WordPress and Google index see the article, not to mention my own server side software. Testing . . . Testing . . . JD

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October 6, 2015 · 11:38 am