Hillary Clinton follows the money trail to 12 million dollars less than one year after leaving office

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Hillary Clinton worth 12 million dollars

Hillary Clinton once again has found herself caught in the middle of controversy, this time for making the false claim of being “broke.” It was all over the news. Hillary had claimed on several occassions to be out of money after enduring the never ending scandal which surrounds her and her husband Bill Clinton, who according to USA Today is worth just over 80 million dollars.

It’s quite the norm of the democrats elected to public office. They pimp out their rank and file welfare recipients to the highest bidder, in this case, the democrat party. They use the poor people as pawns, blaming the republicans for keeping the poor poor, all the while becoming exactly what they accuse the republicans of being during each election cycle. Wealthy, greedy selfish elitists out for themselves.

Why are we as Americans so surprised by the news of Hillary Clinton’s newfound wealth? Clinton, who procliamed in recent articles that she was “broke” has been completely exposed for being the fraud that she is. She is no different from the Obama’s, who entered Washington with nothing, and are now worth 12.2 million dollars, according to CelebrityNetWorth.com even though as president he only earns 400K a year, which (for the democrats out there) works out to be just 2 million for his five years of actual employment as president.

It would go without saying that after all these years of being duped time and time again, one would think that the average democrat would grow weary of electing “poor” democrats to office only to see them leave Washington in a Lear Jet with the millions of dollars they have amassed while holding office.

The point here is not to say that republicans don’t do the same thing, because they do. The difference here is the messaged used to get elected in the first place.

Democrats go into the inner city ghettos pimping and pandering to the poor, portraying themselves as being the “regular guy” out to help the poor get out of poverty. They offer handouts designed to help the poor get out of the ghetto. Once elected, they give them exactly what they deserve. Nothing but more handouts which by design, are to keep them in the ghetto and keep them for just what they are. Modern day slaves to the “Master” which today is BIG SOCIALIST GOVERNMENT.

There is no denying this. Its shown quite clealy all over the internet. The greatest thing America can offer its people is a good education. Yet under democrat rule, the education system in the United States has done been completely destroyed. Now the education system simply makes teachers “thousandaires” for not teaching our children what they will need to know to make it through life. All of this was done at the hands of the democrat party.

In the end we see the end result. In this case, it’s that Hillary Clinton is no different from any other democrat elected to office in Washington. She is a lying, cheating millionaire who in 1998, called attacks on her hisband Bill, president of the United States a “Vast right wing conspiracy” which was a lie then as it is now.

Just like every word out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth is a lie designed to make her look like a saint while making the republicans making the accusations look bad to her constituents, the poor and inept, too stupid to make a dicision for themselves.

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July 22, 2014 · 8:53 am

Protests set for this weekend against Obama’s policies on illegal immigration

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Hundreds of protests are taking place across the United States this weekend in opposition to the surge of immigrants illegally crossing the country’s southern border and proposed immigration reform that organizers say gives amnesty to those already living illegally in the country.

Organizers say 321 protests will take place over the next two days — from state capitals to highway overpasses to Mexican consulates.

The protests have been sparked by the thousands of Central American immigrants who in the past few months have entered the U.S. illegally in hopes of staying.

“We know that 12,000 people expected to attend roughly 300 events shows illegal immigration is the most important problem facing America,” William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, said Wednesday.

Many of the estimated 55,000 children and others from Central American who have entered the U.S. since this spring are being housed in federal facilities across the country at taxpayers’ expense. Such situations are also adding to protesters’ frustration about their broken immigration system and what they consider President Obama’s invitation to illegally cross the border.

Gheen points to a June 20 Gallup poll that shows 65 percent of Americans disapprove of Obama’s handling of the country’s immigration issues.

“More people are learning that Obama is smuggler in chief,” Gheen said, referring in large part to the president’s 2012 executive memo that softens deportation guidelines for some young illegal immigrants. “It’s a welcome mat that is a complete breech of existing law.”

This weekend’s protests also follow individual protests in cities and states across the country — from Murrieta, Calif., to Westminster, Md. — by residents opposed to illegal border-crossers being temporarily housed in facilities in their neighborhoods.

Earlier this week, residents in Westminster, about 35 miles west of Baltimore, successfully protested against a Health and Human Services Department plan to house illegal immigrant children in an Army Reserve center.

The weekend “National Days of Protest Against Immigration Reform Amnesty & The illegal Immigration Surge” events are scheduled to take place through Sunday and are also being organized by the Overpasses for America and Make Them Listen groups.

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July 21, 2014 · 11:36 am

The real reasons President Obama and the Democrats want illegal immigrants flooding into America

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Once again the intention of President Obama is to attack Americans and eliminate their right to speak freely and protest their government for doing things in which they do not believe in. Case in point. The right to assemble and protest ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS coming into America unabated because Obama thinks that America should not have borders when it comes to our liberal voting neighbors to the south.

The dirty little secrets here are these. Obama knows that the democrats don’t stand a chance in the upcoming midterm elections. But Obama and the socialist party that continue to call themselves “democrats” also know that they are doomed in 2016 without the help of the hispanic vote and the countless millions of votes that would come from their newly imported illegal aliens and the votes they would also cast ILLEGALLY!

illegalaliensWhat the American populace does not seem to want to acknowledge is that its not just Obama behind this. It is the whole of the democrat party that knows EXACTLY and PRECISELY the damage which was caused by tossing the woman (Hillary Clinton) under the political bus in favor of the black (half black) man named Obama.

Not only was it political suicide for ALL democrats in Washington, but Obama himself has proven conclusively that he does not possess the intelligence to run a kennel, let alone the worlds only superpower, the United States of America.

This is all part of the democrat plan to remain in power in 2016. Look, we all know they they have dead people voting all over America. We know that they have illegal aliens voting in ALL elections and this is why they FIERCELY RESIST laws to show IDENTIFICATION at the polls. We know that they rig elections and buy votes with free handouts, threats of violence etc. All of this even though the law says that ONLY A U.S. CITIZEN has the right to vote in America.

The other thing that people should be made aware of is largely ignored on social media all together. Its the FACT that the democrats know that their policies have failed completely and absolutely.

Throwing money into ghettos only produces more poverty. Taking away guns simply means only the criminals have gun . . . THINK CHICAGO where gun regulations are incredibly tight, yet people die at an alarming rate due to gun violence. Social security??? An abject failure that is constantly bankrupt because the very democrats that created social security steal money from it to pay for all of the other entitlement programs they have created.

All the while a HAMMER AND SICKLE swinging media, indoctrinated into the socialist way of thinking by the very education system that is one of the worst in the world because the democrats keep throwing money at it, bury the truth and spike stories like the one you are reading right now. Telling our children that we are “greedy” for not wanting to help the little guy that refuses to help himself.

Obama has a huge conundrum on his hands with the illegal immigration issue. People are not buying it this time. People are fighting back, hence the FEDERAL RIOT POLICE ready to crak skulls so Obama gets his way in this. The whole thing is akin to the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT using it’s military against it’s own people to force their will upon us.

We here in California have been passing propositions since the 80′s trying to nip it in the bud before illegal immigration spread like a cancer across America. Back in the 80′s and 90′s we were called “bigots” and “racists” for passing propositions 187 and 209 by Bill Clinton himself. The irony here is now ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are in the backyards of the very liberal UNION WORKER’S in the northeastern part of the United states that were doing all of the name calling, and the illegals are taking their 45 dollar an hour job and doing it for 15 dollars an hour and liberals back east don’t like it one bit.

Again, a huge problem for Obama and the democrats. Unable to sustain not only the guaranteed vote of the Hispanics, but the unions too? What will the “Emperor with no clothes” do faced with this situation?

He will import his votes from south of the border, and that is exactly what Obama and the democrats intend to do whether we as Americans like it or not.

I expect Obama and the democrats to begin the push of “Elect us and we will pass amnesty for sure!” within the next month or so. All of that kind of rhetoric will send even more illegals streaming to the border just like it did when Reagan tried it so many years ago. All of this is for a big payoff in the 2016 election when the uneducated illegal’s as they tend to be, will line up with en mass and vote democrat.

Because there is one thing that the average illegal alien know for sure. The democrat party is the life blood of the RIVER OF FREEBIES flowing from Washington DC, and they would never bite the hand that feeds. JD

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July 7, 2014 · 12:58 am

Obama The Clown

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Obama speaks to reporters on Air Force One after departing Washington

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June 29, 2014 · 10:18 am

Some of the most agressive Twitter trolls are women, not men

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Here is a great article from Times UK writer Natasha Devon writing about something that I have maintained for years, that the large majority of trolls on Twitter are angry, pissed off women. Its a great read. Pay close attention to the tactics used by the trolls, and what Devon did to even the score. I posted a snippet here and a link to the rest of the article. Enjoy. JD

The first time I had my heart properly broken I was twenty one. I remember doing the stereotypical female thing of analysing every second of conversation, passing glance or potentially meaningful gesture exchanged between myself and my ex-beau to the point of driving myself and everyone around me entirely bonkers.
I recounted my rather verbose and spurious conclusions to my uncle (who, owing to some generational weirdness in our family is actually more like an older brother) to garner a male perspective. His response I shall never forget:

“You realise no man has EVER analysed ANYTHING this much, don’t you?” he said. “We just scratch our balls and wait for the storm to pass.”

This advice has served me extraordinarily well over the years. While my female friends were deep in “he only put one kiss at the end of this text, does that mean he’s gone off me?” and “I can’t believe she wore green when she KNEW that was the colour I was going to wear!” type dramas, I simply withdrew, scratched my (non-existent) balls and waited for everything to go back to normal. I never “sided” with anyone, I never speculated beyond what I knew to be the case and as a consequence I avoided much of the emotional politics that characterises “Girl Land”.

That is, until the invention of Twitter. My mistake was to buy into the notion that Twitter is a cyberspace populated with sophisticated, reasoned adult beings. Twitter is actually an online playground, populated with those who want to do the 140 character equivalent of pulling your pigtails, stealing your crisps and calling you a “Poo Head”. I knew of course about the fabled “trolls”, but the prevailing press rhetoric defined “trolls” as male Twitter users, overtly threatening sexual assault. So, when my trolls came, in the form of female users being relentlessly manipulative and snide, I was completely unprepared.

It all began when I publicly refused to sign the No More Page Three petition. I had planned to remain silent on the topic, but after repeatedly being poked with a stick by Twitter users demanding to know why
I wasn’t being a “Good Feminist”, I finally relented and listed my (numerous) reasons.

As a result, one of the petition’s signatories began bombarding me (as well as anyone I happened to converse with) on Twitter. It was not so much the content of these initial tweets that was the problem, so much as the sheer volume of them. She would tweet me sometimes 20 or 30 times a day, using a fake picture and avatar.

“No one cares what you say” would follow any opinion I expressed.

“You write sh*t” would follow any article link I retweeted.

“You are talentless”, “your boyfriend is gross”, “your hair looks like a My Little Pony” were amongst the choice phrases she chose to throw my way – like I say, it was mostly inane, juvenile, playground stuff, initially. Sometimes it was simply a four-letter expletive. At this point, it was still quite funny.
When the gentle name-calling failed to rouse the sort of response she was evidently expecting, she began inciting other Twitter users to direct abuse at me. She marshalled a “twitchfork mob” who would snigger about me like poorly constructed characters in a bad US high-school movie. Occasionally, they’d cc me in, just to ensure I read what they twrote. As I continued to studiously ignore them, their threats became less evasive.

To name a few:
“I’m going to tear you apart, you piece of s–t”.

“You’re a f—ing brainless bimbo”.

“I hope your taxes are in order. I work for HMRC.” (As it happens, my taxes are perfectly in order, but I didn’t much relish the prospect of an inspection and the tweet was enough to take the shine off my day.)
At the same time, I was receiving anonymous phone calls and emails from accounts with names that were clearly invented.

The entire debacle gave me the impression I was under surveillance. My Twitter exploits, in particular, began to dominate my thoughts. I became extraordinarily paranoid, wondering if any of the women I encountered in the street or on public transport were my online nemeses.

I would show girlfriends my iPhone on nights out and we’d spend the evening deep in speculation, just like we used to dissect the daily goings-on in our respective school lunch halls during our youth. We came up with so many theories as to who these women were and what their beef was, we could have written an entire series of Dynasty.

Link to entire article here

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June 17, 2014 · 12:08 pm