Obama vacations since taking office

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Obama D. clown flies on Air Force OneIf we do the math here, it appears as if President Obama spends little or no time in Washington. By adding his domestic trip days, his vacation days, his Camp David days, and his foreign trips days, which if I remember correctly, eight of those days were actually vacation days in Europe, President Obama was outside of Washington DC a total of 188 days.

I don’t think I can remember a president that traveled so much. If anyone can correct me, please do so as I am just home from a long day at work, I am sick and just too friggin tired to so the research. JD

-Formal, solo White House Press Conferences: 6

-Since taking office: 69 total, 11 WH.

Town hall meetings: 17

-Since taking office: 40

-Backyard chats: 7

Domestic trips: 65 spanning 104 days

-Since taking office: 111 spanning 176 days

States visited for the first time: 9

-Since taking office: 38

Vacation trips: 6 (all or part of 32 days)

-Since taking office: 10 spanning 58 days

Foreign trips: 6 trips to 8 countries spanning 22 days.

-Since taking office: 16 trips to 25 countries spanning 70 days.

Flights on Air Force One: 172

-Since taking office: 328

Flights on Marine One: 196

-Since taking office: 386

Unemployment Rates:

-January 8 2010: 10 percent.

-December 3, 2010: 9.8 percent.

National Debt in 2010: Up $1.56-trillion

-January 1, 2010: $12.311-trillion

-December 28, 2010: $13.871-trillion

Bills signed in 2010: 203.

-Since taking office: 329.

Cabinet meetings: 6

-Since taking office: 12

Visits to Camp David:

-In 2010: 4 visits, 8 days.

-Since taking office: 15 visits: 35 days.


-Golf: 29 rounds in 2010

-Since taking office: 57 rounds.

-Basketball: 20 basketball outings.

-Since taking office: 28

Interviews: 107 in 2010

-Since taking office: 254

Meetings with foreign leaders: In 2010, President Obama had face-to-face meetings with 61 foreign leaders, 30 for the first time.

Days of no appearances: 24

-Since taking office: 45

Presidential pardons: 9

-President Obama granted the first and only pardons of his presidency on Dec 3, 2010.

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10 Responses to Obama vacations since taking office

  1. Doppelganger

    The more Mr. Hankey is away the better. And he can take the first wookie with him….maybe vacation to Kenya and catch up with the family. POS.

  2. Mr. Anon McAnon

    You clearly intend for the photo to convey that Obama is a black-faced, afro'ed n8^%er. But instead of just admitting the racist overtones of the photo, your cowardly ingenuity allows you a "it's a Homey the Clown" reference excuse. It's is that too… but it doesn't cancel the intention of the photo. Quite pathetic. And you can know that it's a racist photo because you wouldn't have the guts to show it to an actual black man in front of you.

    • Whats up RA? Racist? Did Damon Wayans not portray a character on the television show "In Living Color" named "Homey the Clown?" Isn't Damon Wayans a black man?

      There is nothing racist about the picture you moron. Its portraying president Obama for exactly what he is. AA clown. An inept bumbling fool that couldn't run a crosswalk much less an entire country.

      Perhaps RA, you realize how big a disappointment Obama is and are just bitter that you were duped into voting for him. You sir are a leftist sheeple and will always follow the flock. JD

  3. Anonymous

    All Presidential "vacations" are working vacations.

  4. Scottinva

    @ you know "Bush spent 1/3 of his time in office on vacation."

    You're conveniently omitting the fact Bush spent the huge majority of his "vacation" time at the ranch in Crawford, Texas, where he continued to conduct business, host foreign dignitaries, etc.  The same is not the case for 0bama.

  5. You Know

    You asked to be corrected. I corrected you.

    What, no comment? Can't admit that you where asleep for 8 years and missed that your President was on vacation for 33% of the time?

  6. You Know

    Bush spent 1/3 of his time in office on vacation. He was on vacation more than any other President in history. He spent a total of 977 days on vacation. So, here's the math that you didn't do. 977 divided by 8 years = 122 days of vacation per year. Obama was out of DC for a total of 188 days, not all of which were vacation. So even if we use your number of 188 days which were not all vacation, Bush still beat Obama. 188 days divided by 2 years = 94 days per year. 122 vs 94 with a built in bias for Bush because not all of Obama's 188 days were vacation. That's almost 30% more.

    So, there's your research all done for you. You appear to have an extremely short memory or a very selective one.

  7. John Erickson

    No worries, my friend, my leanings are conservative as well. You think McCain would've been a bad choice? Brace yourself, then think of (shudder) Sarah Palin. That's scary enough to have turned Ronald Reagan into a Communist!

    Pity America can't generate a centrist. Then again, reasonable concepts don't play well on MSNBC/Fox. If you can't make it better by screaming it, they don't want it.

  8. John Erickson

    I assume you've seen the show "In Living Color", with the Wayans brothers (and Jim Carrey's first "star" appearance)? You've certainly painted Obama as "Homey the Clown" from the series!

    • Webmaster

      I did that a long time ago. I just re-used the image. I do however believe and have maintained that Obama is not qualified to lead America. I believe that the best candidate for the job was Hillary Clinton.

      Clinton had already been in the white house for eight years and was familiar with the task of running the country.

      Keep in mind that I am a conservative independent, but the thought of a spineless John McCain running America was frightening. JD

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