Democrats to lose House and Senate

Daschle and Gephardt crying after losing house in 1994

Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle crying about losing control of the house in 1994

Wishful thinking? After watching the colossal failure of not only the Obama administration, but the house and senate democrats, it would only stand to reason that the democrats will lose control of both houses of congress.

Something that seems to be missed by the media each election cycle, is how the voters of America are growing weary of the bait and switch of both political parties.

Both parties go out and promise to fix this, reform that and amend the other, but once re-elected to office they all go back to business as usual.

America is ripe for the picking. The liberal American media is losing control of the people. BrokenCountry.Com has been saying this for years. Virtually all media outlets know this. People are going online and picking the news they want to read, rather then letting the networks decide what they want you to know.

The American media has become a tool of the socialist agenda. CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN elected president Obama. They used their influence over the people as a marketing tool for Obama. Look back at any of the 2008 election reports by the media and they look like infomercials for Obama.

The people of America and the Obama administration see the malaise building across America. The American voter smells blood and seeks retribution.

Retribution not only against Obama, but the media for propagating the idea that Obama knew what he was doing and would be an effective leader.

I predict a sweeping turnover in Washington come November. Republicans will reign supreme. Here is what we can expect in the aftermath.

Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman will lead a group of democrats in a press conference on the lawn in front of the house. They will cry to the media about how they can’t get any time or any bills on the house floor.

The socialist media will regurgitate this over and over again. They will tell America that we made a terrible mistake by giving control of the house and senate to the republicans.

The media will then begin to find republicans in congress to attack and vilify. Keith Olbermann will commit suicide. The Hollywood elite will be trotted out to tell Americans how they are leaving America.

The people will grow even more weary of the media and the theatrics of the democrats.

Sound familiar to some of you? It should, because that’s exactly what happened when the democrats lost congress back in 1994. Just change the names of Pelosi and Waxman to Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle.

And so the story goes. History once again will repeat itself, but with one monumental difference. This time the people will not be fooled by the media. JD

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