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The Liberal American and the Internet

liberal on the internet angry funnyThere are many things in life that confound me,  but none more than the liberal perspective on America today.   I have been using online services since the old days, long before the internet went public.   Back then you could only access bulletin board sites,  or BBS’s.   Most of these BBS’s were run by colleges and were heavily regulated as to content and rules of engagement.

There were a few local sites like The Ledge in Pasadena California,  where one could engage in reasonably unfettered chats with others in the area about politics and current events. Back then,  most of the bulletin boards had only a couple of phone lines.  Each of these lines was a separate phone number with a modem attached to the BBS.   Some had six or eight lines, but each line cost money so these BBS had to charge you to use them.

Enter Prodigy and Compuserve.   Most of you are probably too young or newbies to the world of personal computing,   but this was when it became a lot easier to get online and make your thoughts and opinions known to all that would listen.  Its important to remember that this was still a Microsoft DOS world where everything was text based.  That’s right.  There was no graphical user interface,  or GUI.  It was a glorious time for personal computing.

The reason it was so glorious was because in order to use a computer and get online,  a person would actually have to know DOS commands and have a reasonable understanding of how computers work.   A bit of programming experience was a must. This almost assured all of the people that were in chat rooms that they were at least dealing with a person that had a bit of intelligence.

With Compuserve,  I was exposed to a whole world that I did not know existed.   People were exchanging ideas about politics, life and news events in an open forum where everything seemed to make sense.   There were people “flaming” each other,  name calling and the like,  but a person could get on Compuserve  and engage in an exchange of ideas and discussions that were civil and compelling.    I didn’t like Prodigy,  because it used a really primitive GUI running in a DOS environment and it was slow and clunky.

Then came America Online,  or AOL.   It was streamlined,  they had a gazillion phone lines to connect with,  multiple access points that did not cost you a long distance line charges and fairly easy to install and use.   AOL ran in a Windows 3.0 environment and had the ability to exploit the Microsoft GUI DLL’s and extensions.   This really was the beginning of the end of the fun.   The online experience was beginning to suck,  and AOL was calling all the shots.

Out of necessity people like me were forced to switch to AOL.  I held out for as long as I could on Compuserve and by simply using an FTP or File Transfer Protocol client to access the internet,  but eventually AOL crushed the competition and Compuserve and Prodigy fell by the wayside.   I know I am missing a few other smaller services that were available,  but for the sake of attention span,  I will leave them out.

AOL sucked.  It was all these newbies that didn’t know shit from Crisco when it came to computers,  and they were clogging up the forums and chat rooms with mindless drivel and flaming people with their name calling and accusations.   The thought process of intelligent conversation and exchanges of ideas was gone forever,  and the end result were chat rooms filled with idiots that would attack you if you didn’t go along with their way of thinking,  and most of these dullards were liberals.

But AOL did have its advantages.  First,  there was no such thing as anti-virus software and internet security.   A guy like me that understood how servers and the internet worked,  could easily exploit AOL.  You see,  these chat rooms had degenerated into the early 1990’s edition of CB radio.  People could talk smack and call names with what they perceived as virtual anonymity.   Unfortunately for the flaming liberal,  name calling idiots,  this was not the case.

During all of the AOL craze,  a small start up company called Earthlink,  located in Pasadena California,  came online and I was already using the internet with a full blown GUI and the like.  You could download a browser,  I think back then it was Netscape which was in its infancy as well,  and peruse the internet at your leisure without the clunky, slow connections of AOL.  But I kept AOL because it was just too easy to hack around on and really give the newbies the business.

My reasons for hating AOL and Microsoft are now becoming apparent.  These to companies have ruined personal computing.  I am of the opinion that a person should have at least a minimal understanding of how computers work.  How servers work.  How it is that one can click a few buttons and suddenly be “surfing the net.”   I always hated the phrase “surfing” because I surf,  and trust me,  sitting in an easy chair on your laptop is not surfing.

This is where the internet carnage would begin.   I would be sitting in an AOL chat room with some of my old liberal online pals,  RAF comes to mind,  Old man lib, and many others of both political parties,  having these great discussions about the current political situations.   Invariably,  these liberal idiots would come into the room and start flaming.  Dropping stupid comments.   Making stupid pictures with ASCII text.   It became unbearable.  So I figured out how to hack AOL and did just that.

I’m not going to go into details here,  but AOL was incredibly easy to hack.   With just a few simple commands,  you had access to everything on their servers.   User names, passwords, ( changing people’s passwords was the easy)  and even personal information like names,  addresses and phone numbers.  Did you hear me?  I said PHONE NUMBERS!    So these knuckleheads,  most of them but not all of them liberals,  would come into the forum and take a big shit on the discussion.  I would warn them several times,  and if they did not relent,  I would change their password and boot them from AOL.

They would get kicked,  try to log back on and get an “Invalid Password” error.  This would keep them on the phone for nine hours waiting on hold to get a new password.   But like the stupid liberals that they are,  they would get back online and come back to the forum and drop their shit again!  It was amazing.  This went on all day,  all night.  The same stupid people lining up to be hacked and crapped on.

The persistent ones got the double whammy.   If they insisted on coming back time and time again,  I would simply hack their user file and find their real name.  Then I would go back to the forum and drop the name in the chat room.  Usually this made them run from the chat room like the Lollipop Kids from the wicked witch.   If that didn’t work,  then I would drop their name, address and phone number in the chat room.   It was just too easy.

Flash forward to the internet of today.  Here we all sit,  looking at the same mundane crap,  day in and day out.   Going from site to site and not ever really getting anywhere at all.  Its all commercialized and put nicely into a tin can for easy purchase.  The internet has become a shell of what it once was.  Research is skewed and biased to the point that no one knows exactly who or what to believe anymore.   People get online and suddenly think they know something the rest of us don’t know.

But there is one universal constant that never seems to leave the internet.   The apologist liberal.   The supply of these people seems to be unlimited.  They are out there to throw common sense to the wolves and simply except the liberal cause regardless of the situation.   I think this became apparent during the Bill Clinton, Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Here we had a sitting president,  that perjured himself under sworn testimony,  and the liberal toadies were all over the internet saying things like “Its a personal matter” and gems like “Its none of our business.”   Perjury is perjury.   What really made matters worse was that Bill Clinton lied on national television to the American people by saying “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”  only to have to come on TV again a short time later and admit that he lied to all of us.

Still there was the never ending chorus of liberals all over the internet trying to explain this away.   When confronted on the absolute hypocrisy of the left,   these liberal used the typical liberal response.  Name calling and accusations.   It used to actually work too,  until the people on the right got hip to it and began to ignore it.

I have been ignoring it for years,  but there are so many newbies nowadays that come out of the woodwork to sites like mine and flame and trash talk day in,  day out,  and they actually think that they are the first liberal toady to think of doing it.

With all of this being said,  and understanding that there are conservative toadies out there too,  I must say that every once in a while I get good comments from incredibly intelligent liberals like Real American,  SoCalDem,  GWGeorge and many others.   These people don’t get bogged down in the name calling,  they don’t take cheap shots and they have all their ducks in a row when it comes to facts.   I appreciate these people the most on my comments page.   So I guess all is not lost.

Keep in mind that I go back to the 8088 days when there was no such thing as a hard drive and a modem consisted of what appeared to be two ear muffs that you put your hand set of your phone into and turned the DIAL to dial the number and get online.   Ah the good old days.  They are gone forever.   Now come hit me with your liberal bull shit.    JD

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Parade Magazine just another liberal rag

ParadeColbert While shuffling through the Los Angeles Times Sunday Paper last week looking for the sales ads,   I came across the Parade Magazine.   I had not seen Parade in years as my local paper stopped running it and instead started carrying the USA Today version of their Sunday magazine.

It took only a moment to realize why I stopped reading Parade.    Upon opening the first page,  I came across their celebrity column.   This is just inside the first page,  where the rocket surgeons at Parade disguise these obvious promotional news items as this sort of question and answers of the celebrities.

But occasionally,  Parade decides to use this section they call “Personality Parade” as a vehicle to attack celebrities that do not subscribe to their socialist way of thinking.   Last Sunday,  in the December 6th addition,   they decided to make Dennis Miller their victim.

They printed this lame question from a guy named  Mike Verano from Lanexa, Virginia. I am going to post the question and answer below,  lest anyone think I am kidding here.   This is a link to the Parade magazine website so you can see for yourselves lest you not believe me.

Dennis Miller Gets Political
Q Why has Dennis Miller changed from hip, cool, and funny to politically conservative?–Mike Verano, Lanexa, Va.

A. Does the former preclude the latter? “I’ve always mocked whoever was in power,” the comedian contends. “Here’s what I want from the President: Take care of the military, hide the Easter eggs on the front lawn, and light the tree at Christmastime. The rest of it I want him to stay out of.”


First,  we should take a look at Mike Verano‘s incredibly inane question.   To the left  is a picture of the “Hip, cool, and funny” Mike Verano.   I found this picture of Mr. Verano on his website that you can link to here.    I guess this is what a “hip, cool and funny” guy looks like.    Based on what I am seeing and reading on his site,   it appears as if Mr. Verano has just stepped off a bus coming from “That 70’s Show”  where he has been trapped in some sort of perpetual 1970’s,  where people still use phrases like “hip”  and “cool.”  Nice hair cut Mike.   Do your friends call you Foreman?  I would bet money that your “hair stylist” giggles like a school girl every time you walk out of the salon,  along with the chorus of other women that goof on your circa 1978 haircut.    What a lame question.   Thanks for the laughs.   Hey I got an idea Mike.   Lets go burn the American flag.  It’ll be neato.

Can I ask you a few questions Mike Verano?   Did you re-read that stupid question before you submitted it to Parade?  Did all of your friends goof on you for being stuck in a 70’s time warp?   Did anyone you know ask you about your political ideology?   After all,  if being “hip, cool,and funny” are factors when you decide who you are going to vote for,  then America is doomed.

Also Mr. Verano,  are you saying that the only way a person can be funny is if they are a liberal?   Geez,  what has this world come to?   When people like Mike Verano can get questions like these  into a national magazine that amount to nothing more than mindless drivel designed to further the liberal cause,  then we can all kiss our asses goodbye.  Thanks Mike,  for showing America what “hip cool, and funny” really look like in America today.

On to Parade Magazine.   I don’t have much to add here,  except that after reading Mr. Verano’s lame question and the rest of the stupid  questions in the “Personality Parade” section of this rag,  I promptly used it to line my bird cage.   I was quickly reminded of the reasons I stopped reading Parade Magazine in the eighth grade.  Because it’s written for idiots.   What a liberal pile of S-H-I-T.

Parade is  nothing more than a promotional vehicle for the left.   The Personality Parade section of Parade is a promotional vehicle for celebrities with new books or projects to hawk,  which is cleverly disguised as a Q and A section.

The magazine has been dumbed down considerably since the last time I dared to open it.   This is probably a direct result of the liberal educational programs that have infected education,  thus making people so incredibly stupid that they can barely read.  I would bet that eventually there will be no more actual text in Parade.   It will become a picture magazine and eventually a coloring book when the next generation comes though our stellar educational system.

Thank you Mike Verano and Parade Magazine.   You have demonstrated to America what is wrong with the liberal way of thinking.    JD

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Sarah Palin ‘Going Rogue’ is new liberal punching bag

sarah-palin-todd-palin1Lets be intellectually honest here.   The real reason the American media and the liberal democrats attack Sarah Palin is because she is attractive.   Plain and simple.  She polls well with the American male voter for the same reason.   The idea that the national media so vilified and trashed Palin without so much as a word from the National Organization of Women speaks volumes.

There is not a day that goes by that she is not ridiculed or belittled by one liberal blog or another.   Lets face it.  She is not the best public speaker on the planet.  But one only needs to look to our president and vice president to see the same inability to speak well publicly.

President Obama is a stammering idiot without his teleprompter in front of him.  Here are a few Obama gems that were said by Obama but not reported by his willing accomplices in the liberal media.

1. “Countries in the Middle East don’t like the Jews since they took for themselves the largest country.”

2. “And one of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,”

3. “Now, I think it’s very important to understand that one speech is not going to solve all the problems in the Middle East, And so I think expectations should be somewhat modest.”

These are but a few examples of the stupid things our fearless leader says on an almost daily basis.

What about Joe Biden?   Biden is a moron squared.   I have never seen a bigger idiot with such a propensity to put his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. In fact, during the campaign, Biden had to be muzzled for the last six weeks leading up to the election because he said so many stupid things.

Here is a small list of some of the stupid things Biden has said without nary a mention in the mainstream media.

1. Biden said this to an Indian  . . .   “In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans, moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-11 or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking!”

2.  “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy … I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

3.  “You don’t know my state. My state is a slave state. My state is a border state. My state has the eighth-largest black population in the country. My state is anything from a Northeast liberal state.”

4.  There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence — a noun, a verb, and 9/11.” –Joe Biden, on Rudy Giuliani

BidenObamaintheforeignlegion2These are just a few examples of what these two idiots have said in public. There are many, many more. I just picked a few of the dumber ones I could find with a simple Google search.   But I digress.

The media wants to make Sarah Palin the butt of their jokes.   This goes on day in and day out.  Katie Couric openly ridicules Palin,  but let Saturday Night Live goof on Obama and she wants the show taken off the air.

Keep it Coming Sarah.   You serve to point out the blatant hypocrisy in the media and the public when it comes to how the left portrays anyone on the right.   Its ridiculous.    JD

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