Twitter Embarrasses Itself Saying IStandWithPhil.Com Serving Malware

Sorry Twitter, We are not buying it. I will make this short and sweet. All websites (including Twitter) run software that is constanly scanning for malware attacks. All websites including the one you are reading this on right now track all hits to their “boxes” from everyone that uses the website. Its how we protect our servers from the miscreants that attack us all in the first place.

Twitter would not only see it on their own security software, but by every search engine including Google who’s servers crawl Twitter at an alarming rate looking for any changes in the Twitter index, and would have notified Twitter of the malware attack IMMEDIATELY.

Even an internet simpleton like me knows this. In my opinion, I Stand With Phil was a victim of more political correctness and a blatant attack on that website and their rights as American citizens.

Twitter, which seems to allow people to rome about it’s website making false allegations about its users and allows people to micterate upon the American flag and the country it stands for all day long had an “erroneous” malware advisory and blocked the site.

I am sorry Twitter. I don’t buy it for a second. You caved like CrackerBarrel, WalMart and A&E Television. You caved to the pressure brought upon you by all two percent of the American population that checks the box “other” when asked about sexual orientation on their census form.

Meanwhile the other 98 percent of us are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore. Shame on you.

I would like Twitter to post the malware advisory and prove me wrong. Twitter blocked the link about the same time Walmart, Cracker Barrel and all the others were jumping ship and running from the #DuckDynasty debacle foisted upon us all by a media hell bent on making us believe that homosexuallity is “normal” and simply a fact of life.

Suddenly Twitter can feel the ire of the American people and how angry they get when cornered. Keep ignoring the masses to appease a few, Twitter. Its the norm for you. JD

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