Obie, 77 Pound Dachshund Sheds 50 Pounds in One Year


Obie, a standard dachshund, weighed 77 pounds a little over a year ago. His original owners were elderly, could not support an active lifestyle, and overfed him out of love, according to Obie’s website. A relative eventually stepped in, and Obie was given to Portland, Ore., resident Nora Vanatta.

Nora said “a volunteer picked him up in Washington State and delivered him to me in Portland, Oregon. I had no idea what to expect. I thought a basset hound would show up or that he didn’t really weigh 70 pounds. Well, he arrived Saturday, August 18th, and to my astonishment he IS a dachshund and he actually weighs 77 pounds. He is extremely sweet and loving. He was obviously loved and is a joy to work with. I applaud anyone who takes on the task of rehabilitating an emotionally or physically abused dog.”

Obie today after losing 50 pounds

Obie today after losing 50 pounds

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