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Storage Wars Nabila Hannis in, Dave Hester out

dave hesteris an idiot egocentric prick

Once again Dave Hester shows the world that he is nothing more than an arrogant selfish little boy lost in the world of greed and egomania.

Hester was out in L.A. this weekend … sporting a hat with his signature catchphrase on it … when he told a TMZ photographer he hasn’t locked up a deal to return to the show next season.

To me this would be a good thing because although Hester mixes it up with the other people on Storage Wars, he also makes you want to reach into your TV set and strangle him because he is such an arrogant prick.

Enter Nabila Hannis. A&E is playing Nabila as a rival of Dave Hester because I am sure they have seen this coming with Hester being so egocentric that he probably believes that he is the only reason anyone watches the show.

Earth to Dave, Earth to Dave. I have asked many of my friends at work and read the comments on this site and many others, and here is the real reason people watch the show. Men watch to leer at Brandi Passante and see what is found in the lockers, and women seem to like the treasure hunt aspect of the show.

That’s it. Nothing more. Its not you acting like a moron and bidding up lockers against your own perceived enemies, although its funny at times. Its not your dopey hat and stupid truck.

Okay it might be a little to watch the back of your neck because when you look up the back of your neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

Nabila Hannis is attractive, funny and competitive, has a lot of appeal to a broader audience than you and will hook old geezers like me into watching the show. That’s exactly what A&E wants.

Dave Hester should think that perhaps they have done some internal polling and are finding that he is actually driving viewers away and they don’t want him back.

Dave if your reading this, and I know you are, look up “Jackie The Jokeman Martling” from the Howard Stern Show. Jackie had a great gig with Howard Stern. He made good money, he got free plugs everyday on Howards show, he was on top of the comedy world.

Where is he now? Faded into obscurity just like you will Dave if you leave Storage Wars.

Nice to meet you Nabila. You are a wonderful addition to Storage Wars and pleasing to the eyes as well. JD

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