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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Does anyone remember the Occupy Movement?

By: John Dee |
January 28 2012 10:47

Tweet Ah the subtle ironies of life. The “Occupy” protesters who for a full month didn’t even know why they were protesting are now fighting […]

Six people shot at Antioch CA Sweet Sixteen Party

By: John Dee |
January 28 2012 10:12

TweetI love articles like this one where the editor of the newspaper omits the actual physical description of the people responsible for the shooting out […]

Obama Supporting Starbucks CEO paid $16 million in

By: John Dee |
January 28 2012 9:11

TweetYou have to love the socialist elite. They are truly wanting to be a ruling class and have the rest of us be serfs and […]

BNSF train Conductor comes to aid of bicyclist sho

By: John Dee |
January 17 2012 11:37


5 Year Old Stabs 3 People Over Juice Box

By: John Dee |
January 17 2012 11:31

TweetA future convict in the making. How would five year old know or want to stab people? Must be a great new way of raising […]

Storage Wars Nabila Hannis in, Dave Hester out

By: John Dee |
January 14 2012 10:16

Tweet Once again Dave Hester shows the world that he is nothing more than an arrogant selfish little boy lost in the world of greed […]

Man Decapitated by wood chipper

By: John Dee |
January 13 2012 10:13

TweetA tree trimmer was decapitated after getting sucked head first into an industrial wood chipper in a freak accident. Martin Lara, 50, of Applegate, California, […]

Los Angeles Sheriff Punches Handicapped Woman VIDE

By: John Dee |
January 11 2012 10:58

TweetOkay I will not defend the deputy for punching the woman, but there are a few details that seem to have been left out of […]

Cracks in wings of Airbus A380 spark calls for gro

By: John Dee |
January 10 2012 8:43

Tweet I am telling you right now that I will not fly on any Airbus product. They are manufactured by lazy people in socialist nations […]

Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi diagnosed with

By: John Dee |
January 9 2012 9:23

TweetBlack Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with the early stages of lymphoma, according to a statement on his website on Monday. The British […]