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Bristol Palin, Mechanical Bulls And The Visceral Hatred That Comes From The Left

There is an interesting dichotomy in behavior when it comes to the left and the way they relentlessly attack the right by calling them
bigots and racists. But time after time we are all treated to glaring displays of the hatred which comes from the left.

Watch this video. Stephen Hanks openly admits that he is 47 years old. Listen to the way he talks to 21 year old Bristol Palin. The man attacks Palin simply for who her mother is and has no problem attacking her for it.

If Mr. Hanks reads this (and he probably will) I would like to ask him if he feels better about himself today. Mr. Hanks is appears to be a drunken fool and seems to take great pride in verbally attacking a young woman for having a mother that is a republican. That in and of itself is a sad testament to the state of the liberal left in America today. JD

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