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Father and daughter burned in alleged electrical theft

As soon as I saw this article on Drudge Report, I knew it happened in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the capital of two things. Illegal immigration and stupid people that do stupid things.

A father and his teenage daughter were in critical condition after receiving severe burns during an alleged attempt to steal electricity from high-voltage power lines in Inglewood, a police official said Saturday.

L.A. County Fire officials and police responding to an explosion at a power transformer late Friday found the 52-year-old man and his 17-year-old daughter with extensive electric burns, Inglewood Police Lt. Neal Cochran said.

The man had used tools to tap into a live wire, resulting in a chain reaction and causing the transformer to explode, Cochran said. The father and daughter, whose names were not released, were taken to a nearby hospital pending an eventual transfer to a burn unit, he said.

Power lines connected to the transformer, near Hawthorne Boulevard and 101st Street, were temporarily shut off because of the explosion, according to Cochran. The incident occurred around 11:40 p.m. Friday.

A theft investigation was underway, Cochran said.

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Mayweather vs Ortiz vs Bigotry

I’m not much of a boxing fan, what with the corruption Don King brought to the sport and the fact that its almost as contrived as wrestling complete with scripts and blocking for the camera shots, but I do have a take on the Mayweather Ortiz fight that took place in Las Vegas Saturday night.

There was an amazing aspect to this fight and for that matter every fight I have seen in my lifetime whereas, people don’t take the side of a boxer based on his ability in the ring, but what ethnicity he or she is.

I might be wrong here, but I believe that boxing may be one of the only sports where people behave in this manner.

This seems to me to be an open form of bigotry that is not only condoned by organized boxing, but openly embraced as well. It helps sell tickets and pay per views.

There is a guy at my work that gets incredibly upset if you tell him that Manny Pacquiao might lose an upcoming fight. I mean this guy gets pissed off to the point of fighting you himself. Yes he is Filipino.

I have asked this individual why he has this undying loyalty to a man that does not even know he exists, and he admits openly that its because Manny Pacquiao is Filipino.

Then I ask him if he thinks that saying that is bigoted, he says its not. Its a loyalty to his country. Um . . . He was born in the United States.

So Ortiz openly tried to head butt Mayweather three times with the third splitting Mayweather’s lips open. Mayweather responds with what many are calling a sucker punch.

After the alleged sucker punch the crowd boos Mayweather.

Many people I have talked to said the crowd booed Mayweather because they paid so much for their tickets. Now that would be fascinating because in boxing some fights are over in less than 20 seconds.

I saw the replay of the final seconds of the fight, and aside from the obvious clean punches delivered to Ortiz by Mayweather that knocked Ortiz out, I noticed that the crowd in the stands was primarily HISPANIC!

And that’s my point here. That the booing in the crowd had nothing to do with the cost of the tickets. It had everything to do with the fact that the Hispanic took a beating.

Amazingly enough, these same people had no problem with their Hispanic counterpart in the ring fighting dirty and using a head butt three times which by the way can end a fight in seconds.

This type of open racism seems to be tolerated, provided you belong to a so called minority race. Soccer fans come to mind.

Oh well, there is my two cents. JD

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