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IHOP Nevada Several People Shot

Its not known how many people were shot at an IHOP in Reno Nevada.

Developing . . .

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Obama Blames Republicans For Bad Economy

President Obama has made it clear to Americans that vacations take priority over the US economy. For almost three years now, President Obama has demonstrated to us that he has no idea how to run an economy and correct me if I am wrong, but more US troops have died in Afghanistan under his watch than under GW Bush.

Unfortunately for the average American, politics in America are run under the idea that “most people cannot remember what they ate for dinner last night” mentality, and as painful as it is to admit, it works.

Obama is flying around America telling the foolish and inept that all of the problems with the economy are to be blamed on the republicans and has the American media writing convincing stories backing him up all in an attempt to be re elected.

Obama’s next move, “The move to the right shuffle” will start immediately. This shuffle will include cutting personal income tax, cutting payroll tax and cutting corporate tax, which is precisely what the blithering idiot should have done in the first place.

The quickest way to get Americans to spend money is to put more money in their pocket.

The quickest way to get American corporations to hire more people is to make it easier to make a profit.

People spending money creates a demand for products, goods and services.

Look people, this is not rocket surgery here. Its simple economics. We live in a supply and demand economy and where there is no demand there is no need for supply. Get it?

So while Obama crisscrosses America blaming republicans for the poor economy, keep in mind that with the exception of “Stimulus Packages” which were really nothing more than rewards for Wall Street, President Obama has done nothing to fix the economy.

We should also keep in mind that for the first 16 months in Office, Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi ignored the advice from the right. In fact it can be said that the democrats completely disregarded and disrespected the republicans when it came to the economy.

I don’t forget . . . and neither should you. JD

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