Storage Wars ‘Dave’ Hester and his horrible affliction

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Okay, this is going to short and concise. Actually its going to be as short as Dave’s Johnson and about as concise as it can be at this late hour.

So, after watching several episodes of A&E’s “Storage Wars” and witnessing this absolute abomination of a human being with the name Dave Hester, I have come to a few conclusions about Dave and the show.

First, Brandi Passante is hot and has a great rack that appear to be actual breasts, not the usual silicone filled Zeppelins that point in two different directions like Marty Feldman’s eyes.

Second, Brandi needs a good slap from that spineless husband of hers, Jarrod. Dude, grow a set and tell your hot wife to shut the hell up once in a while.

Brandi seems to have what men like me see as a strange phenomenon that only women possess. Its called selective memory. When she buys a bad locker, well shit happens.

But when her husband Jarrod Passante gets burned, like all women, she will piss and moan like an old woman with hemorrhoids. She needs a slap.

On to Dave Hester. In my opinion, Dave Hester suffers from what doctors call “Ihaveanincrediblysmallpenisandamhunglikearaisinitis.”

I would bet money that Dave can’t break a Cherrio with the pimple he calls a pecker.

There can be no other explanation for his abhorrent behavior on national television.

Not to mention that when Dave looks up, the back of his neck looks like a pack of Oscar Mayer Hotdogs.

Then to make sure that he always comes out a winner on every locker, Dave brings the crap he bought back to his thrift store for inventory.

Thats when Dave realizes that he paid way too much for this junk and in a rudimentary attempt to compensate for his lack of a unit, he overprices everything to the point of laughter.

On one episode, Dave got mad and stormed off because the other bidders played his game back on him.

On another, Dave claimed to make twenty thousand dollars off of a fourteen hundred dollar locker.

It was junk. Dave said a dinette set make of pine was worth a thousand dollars. I see that crap at yard sales for fifty bucks all day long. This is Los Angeles Dave. You can buy anything you want direct from Mexico at any swap meet.

Dave Hester, you behave like a little boy. Spoiled rotten and hung like a raisin. Of course, thats just my opinion. YEEEEEPPPP! JD

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86 Responses to Storage Wars ‘Dave’ Hester and his horrible affliction

  1. JDsapig

    I think JD is a disgusting pig. He's way worse then Dave Hester in every conceivable way. Suggesting that any man should slap their wife is the most cowardly and white trash thing I've ever heard. If you slapped me, it would be the last thing you do on this earth.

  2. i hope dave hester drops dead loser goof.

  3. dave hester it would make an awesome show to watch old dave yell YUUUUP!! then grab his chest and drop dead of a heart attack. that would be fucking awesome.

  4. Love the stream of comments on this one.  I wrote the article after watching an episode where Dave got burned on a locker and was too egocentric to admit it.  At the end of the episode he priced a crappy pine dinette set at 1000 dollars.  Ugh.  The guy got burned.  Admit it and move on.  Thanks for the comments.   JD

  5. dog breath

    I totally agree Brandi has great titties and a nice ass to boot.

  6. Adam

    Why wouldn't it be real. That's like saying an auctioneers job isn't real. Tell me what's fake about it & show me definitive proof, then I'll be inclined to believe you. How could the producers hide shit in the units WHEN THERE'S A FUCKING LOCK ON THE DOOR! Just goes to show how unintellectual our society has become.

  7. Pfffft

    Well, even if Dave is hung like a raisin, I would like to find out. And it wouldn't matter to me if he was hung like a raisin or a horse, I find him to be incredibly sexy and would undoubtably think he was the best thing since sliced bread, no matter what.

  8. first of everyone has a bad day and second of all its tv show with a bidder who feels that better than anyone else and is very disrespectful when he calls another man a punk on nation wide tv and plays the dozen by telling people to kiss his butt  thats why they do'nt have afro americans on the show because if dave hester disrespected  a black man he would get busted in his mouth

    • Whitie

      african americans can be pussies too.,  or crackheads.

    • freedomtrucker

      I have to admit I love this show.


      I've been a collectibles dealer for years and know alot about various collectibles.  Here on the show you see the gambler, the struggling thrift store couple, the collector, and the guy who sees a profit in everything… but all of them seem to have a lack of knowledge on many collectibles.  Despite that, I respect the gambler's guts in taking a chance and his being hopeful, although his butting heads with Dave can cost him sometimes, and Dave because his dad did the same thing, you have to respect someone who takes this vocation as seriously as he does.  I really like Barry the collector and wouldn't mind helping him out in some way, but I don't buy lockers and concentrate on certain types of collectibles that I sell to certain people in certain lines of work.  Still, I think I can handle any and all of these folks on the show, and I challenge the producers to invite me to their storage auctions so I can help one or all of them avoid the wrong locker.  I'm proud of buying and selling and finding that "holy grail" for a collector… but there are easier ways than buying a whole storage unit.


  9. Shanna

    Sorry guys, Dave Hester is waaaaaay HOT! Totally sexy, in charge, and smart! I'd totally go out with Dave………….YUMMY!

  10. JJ

    Hey  everyone,  this  whole  thing with  storage  wars  is  all staged. They plant  all this  stuff  before  they   open  the  lockers. I know  Dan  Dotson  and  he  has   admitted   that  everything  is  for  show. They  have  found  items  like  the  Ivory  and  coins  but  not  in these  unts. Items  were  found  earlier  in prior  years.   It's  all a show .

  11. Hester Hater!

    First, Hester needs a beating, and I wish i could do it.  This guy is such an asshole.  When he say's things like, "I don't want this locker, but who ever gets it is going to pay", or "I am going to make sure who ever gets it doesn't make a profit"  Why don't these guy follow his ass home one night, and flatten all his tires the night before an auction?  I agree with the author of this post.  I enjoy it completely when we loses money, and I just wish it would happen more.  When he stormed off because Barry had his psychics, he just showed what kind of an immature asshole he is.  I hope he never makes another buck again!!!

  12. JW











  13. Me

    It's a t.v. show you geniuses. Of course it's scripted. Someone has to be the comedy relief (Barry), someone has to have the attitude (Brandi), someone has to be the moron (Jarrod), someone has to be the big oaf (Darrel), and someone has to be the total prick (Dave). It's ENTERTAINMENT dummies! Please tell me you all aren't really this stupid, and if you are, for the love of god, don't reproduce!

  14. Doppelganger

    Dave Hester needs a severe beating – to a point he no longer bids on anything but the pretty lights he sees when he's semi-conscience in a Schaivo sort of way. Looks like the younger evil twin of Howard Cunningham.

    Brandi is interesting when she's not talking but apparently has a thing for mutts to be with that hillbilly wigger Jarrod. He looks the type that after a shot of cough syrup he'd be so drunk as to abuse her. Might explain how they procreated to begin with. Give them time – as soon as they've maxxed out all their grandma's credit cards, they'll stop showing up. Can't imagine they've sold a single item in that decrepit dump they call a "store". Still waiting for Jarrod to make a rap CD or team up with one of the Teutuls on a reality show.

    Barry is a simple kike with a lobotomy. No idea where he ever got money to bid on anything to begin with….probably stole it from a Salvation Army tub at Christmas. The midget on stilts was atypical – surprised Barry didn't wear his giant shoes and red nose to complete the freak show. Would double his purpose in life if he'd lay down behind the back wheels of a truck to keep it from rolling.

    Darryl – and his other brother or kid – whatever…Darryl? – are just two inbreds with nothing to scrog since his sister/aunt left the trailer. On the 100th episode, they should shock the hell out of the modern world and take a bath…..maybe change into a different ragged 'muscle' shirt.

    What a waste of airtime. The network should show more commercials….maybe rerun a Jerry Lewis marathon from the 70's.

    • mary

      Barry Weiss could buy and sell any of them all day long. His dad started and owned a record company from 1953-96. He himself is the CEO of DefJam and some other company…He's responsible for Brittney Spears, The Backstreet Boys and other bands I can't remember. He's got way more money than sense.

      Like someone else said…The show is fun to watch…weather it's real or not..I just enjoy watching it. :)

  15. Anon

    i notice that your just some retard who believes he knows fucking everything. if people don't want to be in an auction with dave, then you can get the fuck out. your not forced to bid on this shit or go to auctions with this guy. and if you believe he over prices shit, obviously your retarded because people buy his shit all the time. that's why he's successful. he knows what the fuck he's doing. you say you see this dressers or some shit at yard sales for 50 bucks. but guess what fucktard, people at yard sales aren't professional appraisers. they just under price it to hell so someone will actually fucking buy it. if the main characters seriously hate dave's bidding up, why don't they just stick him with the locker. they don't! they keep bidding. they obviously want the unit so if its worth having, they'll pay the money for it. dave wins because he's a professional.  and brandi isn't that bad. obviously you must be gay because all you do is put women down for their small faults. i understand that jarrod and brandi are trying to make a living and dave "prices up the lockers". but i have a couple suggestions to that. i saw the episode where they said they only have 1400 bucks with them and their shelves are almost empty and dave kept bidding them up, but hey. dont got to auctions with him in it. problem solved. go to different auctions and then go to auctions with dave in them so at least you can be on tv and advertise your shop. and last time i checked. if you have 1400 bucks to spend on fucking units, i say your pretty well off. now how about stop hating and posting this bullshit you stupid small pricked faggot and get a fucking life you queer. respond.

    • Me

      Are you lonely anon, as you seem to want people to engage you. Don't worry little fella, you'll be ok, just break out that jar of peanut butter and call over your dog, that'll keep you busy again!

    • freedomtrucker

      I always thought gays loved women, only not the part between their legs.

      Words like queer are not hurtful to most LGBT since they know that those who throw words like that around are in the closet and too butt ugly to get a poke.  If I was you I'd learn to have sex with yourself in the dark, that way you don't have to look your best….



  16. RobG

    Both the loser who runs this rag and the equally brain-dead f*^k who wrote the last comment (idjet can't even spell "anonymous") are misogynistic assholes.

  17. Annonymous

    Yep Brandi is not hot. Maybe 5 years ago before she pushed out a couple puppies. You can plainly see that she is carrying around additional and stacked on baby fat.

    She is a victim of the "Thunder Thigh, Saddle Bag" SO Cal thing and never decided to get herself into shape after child birth. You can plainly see this on Storage Wars. She wears MooMoo's which all fat women wear.

    She plays off like she is made of money but the longer she stays with that moron Jarrod who can't find his ass with two grabs, I'm sure she will be gone.


    She has a nice "Child Birth Rack" but come on, she pushed out a few kids and let herself go.


    She isn't as hot as everyone plays her out to be

  18. Jarrod

    Brandi is a cow, are you guys serious? You think she's hot? You guys need to get out more. I mean really, get out of the house.

  19. I agree with everyone who has nothing good to say about Dave.  He is the best example of a jerk anyone will every find.  I don't know how the others keep from beating the s*** out of him.  Everytime I watch that show there comes a time when I just want to reach out and smack him silly.

    Then there is Brandy.  I could put up with a lot of her annoying behavior.  She is hot.  But what's up with her being with that goof ball of a guy Jarrod?  I mean that is just beyond me.  I'm thinking that for some reason she is seriously insecure or maybe at one time she weighed about 150 lbs more or something.  In any case, she could definately improve her situation if she wanted to. 

    • cntstnddve

      OMG When i watch the show and dave is sitting there talking to the cameras i just want to punch my tv as hard as i can right in daves ugly crooked ass face!!!! He is the worst! My blood pressure is thru the roof right now thinking about how he runs prices up on people for NO reason!!!  He doesnt benefit from doing that shit, its just rude and mean and really makes him an unsavory character, eeeeeew.  Barry is awesome, he's funny and silly. Brandi and Jarrod, wish them the best of luck, and Darrell, well………..

  20. TheTruth

    I could badmouth Dave all day long and talk in great detail about what an a$$hole he is (especially when he bids up other buyers for his own personal amusement, costing smaller & struggling buyers valuable money that they need just to survive).  So instead, I'll just say that Dave Hester needs multiple bone-crushing punches to the face and several vital organs.  Maybe he'd learn some humility between his reconstructive surgeries.

    Yes, Brandi is a major league hotness with a rack that begs to be gently slathered in warm baby oil.  But she's also an overbearing, over-opinionated, mouthy, disobedient bitch.  She and Jerrod are said to be married, but apparently his last name wasn't good enough for her to take.  Hey fellas, here's a tip: when your fiancee informs you that she's not changing her last name to yours, RUN LIKE HELL!!  This is a blaring signal that she has no respect for you and will treat you as nothing more than her subordinate lapdog.  Expect to be talked down to constantly with subtle self esteem-eroding insults interlaced into her poisonous words.  Such is the case with Brandi and Jerrod.  I agree with everyone else…he needs to find where Brandi hid his balls, re-attach them and give Brandi a good hard <<SLAP>>.

    I like Barry.  He's a character.  Same goes for Darryl.

  21. TheTruth

    I could badmouth Dave all day long and talk in great detail about what an a$$hole he is (especially when he bids up other buyers for his own personal amusement, costing smaller & struggling buyers valuable money that they need just to survive).  So instead, I'll just say that Dave Hester needs multiple bone-crushing punches to the face and several vital organs.  Maybe he'd learn some humility between his reconstructive surgeries.

    Yes, Brandi is a major league hotness with a rack that begs to be gently slathered in warm baby oil.  But she's also an overbearing, over-opinionated, mouthy, disobedient bitch.  She and Jerrod are said to be married, but apparently his last name wasn't good enough for her to take.  Hey fellas, here's a tip: when your fiancee informs you that she's not changing her last name to yours, RUN LIKE HELL!!  This is a blaring signal that she has no respect for you and will treat you as nothing more than her subordinate lapdog.  Expect to be talked down to constantly with subtle self esteem-eroding insults interlaced into her poisonous words.  Such is the case with Brandi and Jerrod.  I agree with everyone else…he needs to find where Brandi hid his balls, re-attach them and give Brandi a good hard <<SLAP>>.

    I like Barry.  He's a character.  Same goes for Darryl.

    • cntstnddve

      I just watched the show and i was sitting there wanting to punch something because i cant stand dave and i was like "i wonder if anyone else feels the same way?" so i googled "does anyone else want to punch their tv when dave hesters face is on it" and these comments on brokencountry showed up!!!!!! Im not totally surprised that this many people have similar thoughts about it…

    • Anonymous

      People like you are the reason that women are still treated so poorly today. If a woman wants to keep her last name, she should be able to without a man criticizing her. The point of view that you have is very misogynistic but I agree with everything said about Dave.

  22. Jim King

    It is kind of funny how a dude like you (probably not hung like John Holmes either) tries to make out that a dude can only be an ass because he's hung like an elf.  I guess D. Sheets must also be, as he's a total douche most of the time too, only in an ignornat hillbilly kind of way.

  23. Jim King

    I can definitely take Dave a lot better than that retarded hillbilly twat Darryl Sheets and his equally stupid son.  Now that's a guy who gets on my nerves.  (He lives in a trailer park, too!  We saw that in episode one.)  Dave, certainly, comes across like a douche but really, think about it, what are they all doing there?  Are they there to all be friends, to have a sing along and suck each other's dicks?  No.  It's a business.  I do agree that it's a bit of a stretch to call it a profession, but it's a business.  As Dave has said, he was in Jarrod's place 25 years ago and no one took it easy on him.  If Jarrod gets bid up on a locker, he has himself to blame for going over (sometimes well over) his limit.  Well over what the locker is worth.

  24. Bruiser

    Hey stupid. At least get your facts straight.

    Jarrod's last name is Schulz, and he and Brandi are not married.

    Maybe if you'd pull your head out of your fanny and actually know what you're talking about you might gain some credibility. But until then you're just another idiot without the facts.

    • Anon

      he doesn't know what he's talking about. he's a fucking retard.

    • Howie

      Somebody better break the news to A&E then since they refer to them as 'this married couple' on their profile page.  I find it hysterical when someone calls someone else names and tells them to get their facts straight when, in fact, they are the one who is wrong.  Well done Bruiser.  You dope!

  25. Anonymous

    Yes the show is not real. It is totally scripted. Think about it. The one time Barry brings in psychics to read a locker before he buys it they happen to get a locker with some weird voooo stuff in it. Come on seriously? What are the odds?

  26. Jeremy

    Dave Hester-so rude and arrogant he could make even Barry Weiss curse him out!

  27. Anonymous

    Is that really true?

    • Macon Lee

      NO that's NOT TRUE!!……they get paid for the cameras to follow them but it's not staged and they're not actors!!

      and YES Bandi has some beautiful JUGS!!   see needs to leave her man and COME to see what a real man can offer her!

  28. Anonymous

    Lol, Daves an ass. Its hilarious how your gona try to jack up prices when all your items go to what is pretty much considered a thrift store. Im not gonna go into something equivelant to a good will or savers to buy an overpriced item used that i can get for new at the same price or less elsewhere. As for Brandi, I honestly think shes only ever had one good buy since the show begin. It had a bunch of unused electronics in it…score 1 for her..but thats the only score she'll ever get. :p Same episode though I thought they were a tad sexist since she was the one bidding…"A woman is bidding..omg…" Like women are completely incapable of bidding…get with the tiiiiimes

  29. Anonymous

    Hester is a man in need of some serious theropy! This comes from a LMSW, who specializes in personality disorders…….and this man (if really not an actor) is one sick mother fucker!!!!!!!

  30. KP

    I think Dave Hester is one of the sexiest guys on t.v. and I am a dude and I am totally serious.  I don't care if he has a small penis or not he's hot.

  31. Dave

    Not to burst your bubble,  the show is 100% staged and fake.  They are actors and the lockers are not really filled with "Other peoples stuff".  They are paid 12k per episode.

  32. milesaugust

    Brandi is the hottest piece of ass on TV.  In a pair of heels, with those big cans, she's awesome…

  33. get a job

    As much as he (Dave) irritates me…it even rubs me the wrong way when he comes out on top…then he gets all big headed about it…and the other tv show about storage auctions…with that asshat and his fat tat bald asshat butt buddy….and they sell what they find to other collectors…and drive a hard bargain..but end up getting what they ask for!!

    DAMMIT!! ha..

    heres your wow factor… UP YOURS

  34. Joe

    Brandi is hot? She has an ass the size of South America, if Brandi is hot Whoopi Goldberg is a Victoria's secret model!! Get your eyes checked for god's sake!! You guys have got to get away from elephant sex!!


    Hot jesus christ,………… what a joke

    • Anonymous

      It is people like who are the reason that eating disorders exist. Why don't you get off your high horse and stop treating women like pieces of meat.

      YOU are the joke, my NOT friend.

  35. I like  Barrie , he is fun. Dave and his son look like they eat up all their profit, and are sickening selfish greedy morons. Get them off the show. I know the producers think us morons out here are watching because they are so creepy, but not here. I just like to see what is in the units.  Dave and his son can suck shit through a straw.  Darrel needs a bath, and needs to shave that hair off his ugly body. Brandi needs to shut up more, and you are all correct, Jerrod needs balls. So, the moral of this story is, I am watching cause I like to see the loot in the units. They should just use straight folks, no set ups and forget the scripting.  Oh and eat shit Dave and your fat ass son.  He spent all his life savings he said. Crap, his fat fathers savings.  Dave actual rips his customers off.  People should not shop at his store. GO TO JERROD AND BRANDIES store. They are down to earth and real.

  36. Anonymous

    Why are you even talking about Dave's dick? Why don't you hop off it and leave T.V reviews to professionals?

  37. Anonymous

    LOL….OMG people, its a television show ( scripted, no doubt) hatinon people you don't even know….mature !

  38. Anonymous

    Jarrod's last name is Schulz, idiot.  If you are going to write a review on a show, at least do a little research… or pay attention… google works like a charm every time too… just sayin'

    And Brandi?  Isn't that bad… like someone mentioned, I think most of it is just for the show… like the way, they try to make dialogue between Darrell and his son… which is far less successful, but that might just be because he is highlighted as much and oh yeah… he is a "he"… less entertaining, I guess.

    • Dave Hester

      Do me a favor. Next time your laying on your wife disappointing her once again, think of your mother.

    • Anonymous

      dave hester…. you're an ignorant retard!    I'll still watch the show, it wouldn't be the same without dave hester.  Every time I see him though, I think to myself, what a goof.

      keep up the good work dave

      and as for Brandi,   ya, you're pretty attractive, but you are also a bit of a bitch.  you think you're better then the rest.   take the attitude and shove it up jarrods ass.   Im sure he would let you since you're balls are bigger then your hubbys.

      barrie,   cool dude

  39. Kandy Kush

    Hey no.2 well said. Can i see your rack ?

  40. Sheila

    Oh My Gosh, I thought it was just me, he really irritates me, I thought at first he was just joking around now I realize that he is a jerk…do you think he knows he is "classless" as in one without class?

    • Anonymous

      I do not like Dave because he causes hurt to other people.  Jarrod and his wife are trying to make a living and Dave makes prices go up and hurts others in the pocketbook.  That is just mean.  I do not plan to watch the show anymore until he is off the show or stops hurting other people.  If he does not want a particular storage unit then he should not run the price up for others that are less fortunate than he or that he pretends to be.  He is just heartless, inconsiderate, and mean.  The Lord will pay him back in the long run.

      A viewer who will no longer be a viewer of Storage Wars

  41. Anonymous

    Yawn. Typical sexist idiot. Whenever a woman is assertive, smart, opinionated and *CORRECT* most of the time, men like you feel threatened and intimidated and begin subjugating and demeaning her.If a man ever threatened to slap me to put me "back in my place" I would welcome the threat and continue to antagonize him because 1.) it's fucking hilarious 2.) he would end up in jail if he ever put his hands on me and 3.) he would deserve to be shown time and again just how intellectually inferior he is. Men of your nature are why our country is in the shit hole it is. Who runs Wall Street? Men. Who starts wars? Men. Who cares more about "making a profit" instead of taking into account the damage it can do to other people? Men.

    Jus' sayin.

    I know many, many men who are AWESOME and AMAZING and great in every way. They respect females for the positive qualities that we have, not fear us and try to bring us down. I also know many men who believe the way you do and honestly, they're miserable because they have *NO WOMAN* TO GIVE THEM LOVIN' :(

    Like it or not, Women are going to continue to grow stronger and stronger and we won't take shit from people like you. Maybe you'll be lucky and find a submissive lil sweetie pie who will wait on you hand and foot, stay in the kitchen and endure the mistreatment you put her through all while you take her for granted. Good luuuuck on quest!!!!!

    • danram9

      I think what the guy was trying to saw is that alot of chicks seem to operate WITHOUT accountability for their actions…..She buys a piece of shit locker and its WOOPS….Its not my fault….BUT when her husband buys a shit locker then shes talking all kinds of crap,..


      No one is threatened by her nagging…   Men are just sick and tired of women wanting ALL the benefits of being a man but falling back on "im just a woman" when its comes to the costs of being man



      You be wise to realize that you female chauvinist pig…before you get slapped :)

  42. No Dave or Jarred


    You sound like a misogynist. And it would seem you fail to take into account the extensive editing that goes into these shows to slant and skew them for ratings.

    So it's truly hard to say what any of the players are REALLY like when not subjected to the show's director and editor.

  43. Kristen

    I hate Brandi.  She gives all women a bad name. She is stubborn and mean to her husband Jerrod.  My sister said that she must know how to bang real good because there is no man in their right mind that would tolerate her otherwise.  Thanks for the funny article.  I especially liked the part where you said "Dave probably couldn't break a Cherrio with the pimple he calls a pecker."  I once dated a guy like that. LOL



  44. Rodney

    Dave Hester is a moron.  I have had personal dealing with him and have been to his store many times. He even had some of the stuff I have seen him buy on the show in his store.  People go there and walk out because he overprices his junk. Yes Junk.  No one in their right mind will pay what he asks for that crap.  The camera someone mentioned in these comments was up for sixty bucks when he said 150 on the show. I hate the guy and its good that he is on the show because now the entire nation can see what a dick he is.

  45. As far as Brandi is concerned, I blame myself  . . .  well myself and every other man that fawns over women like her when they are young and make them grow up into the petulant bitches that they become.    JD

  46. vertyge

    I agree with you on all counts.  Brandi is hot but OMG such a nagging bitch!  Stop complaining all the time and nagging the hell out of jarrod… (but yes, he should grow a pair and tell his wife to shut the hell up once in a while).


    As for Dave… kick him off the show. I can't stand him.  I channel surf when he's on.

    • Its not just that Dave is an asshole.  Its the way he does things out of spite just to make the people around him as miserable as he is.  I was watching last night and he was saying that some tools that he bought were worth 150 bucks and they were junk tools that you can get at Harbor Freight for twenty bucks brand new.

      He said that an old Nikon 35 mm camera was worth 200 bucks when you can get them on ebay for 40 bucks.

      The guy is full of shit. He proves week after week that he has to win at all cost.

      Open note to Dave Hester. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.  JD

  47. BRO JIM

    MAN DUDES YOU ARE ALL CORRECT. I WOULD like too be at an auction with dave there and whip his ass in making him bid more than it is worth.

  48. nrage40

     I believe you are 100% right about both Dave and Brandi. I hate Dave with a passion and want to see someone deck him.  As for Brandi,she is a huge Bitch but I am dying to see her in a bikini or less…… a photo spread in Maxim would be appreciated at least. Thanks webmaster, at least someone else has said what I have been thinking since this show began.

  49. Chris

    I agree about what you wrote about both Dave and Brandi. However, I think that's what makes the show interesting, and what it is. If everyone acted congenial and respectful towards each other, the show wouldn't be nearly as interesting as it is. How else could they take such sorry subject matter, and make an interesting TV series out of it?

    • Understanding that, I know that people tend to make more of something that is nothing.  But I genuinely believe that this guy is so full of himself that there is no room for the rest of the cast.

      Keep in mind that people do strange things and behave differently in front of a camera.  Its kind of like being drunk.  People behave like they would not ordinarily do when they are sober.  JD

      • Anonymous

        Wow! Everyone on here really hit the nail on the head about Dave. I agree ge gas "little big man syndrome". He calls his business a profession!!?? Well Dave you run an over-priced JUNK store!! And you are NOT a professional, you are an ass who likes to make a living off other's misfortune, and you actually take PRIDE in it???!! You are nothing but a bottom-feeding moron! You come with pockets full if cash, JUST so you can outbid the less fortunate. At least Brandi & Jarrod are trying to make an honest living. They sell their merchandise at prices that the average person can afford, and get a good deal at. I wish i could stand to keep watching Storage Wars, becsause I love to see what treasures people find. But I just cannot stomach enen SEEING Dave, let alone hear & watch him be SUCH an ass. Not only does he buy what may be poor unfortunate folks worldly belongings, but THEN he also has to f%##€<k with fellow bidders. It's all just a gane to thus guy with a tiny prick, who ACTS like the BIGGEST prick on earth. Sorry A&E, no more Storage Wars for me, UNLESS Dave either droos dead (hopefully on camera in front of all of us), OR A&E kicks him off the show!! :(

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