Racist ‘Machete’ movie trailer threatens Arizona with race war

The movie “Machete” is openly racist and incredibly bigoted. The premise involves a Mexican that is hired to kill a U.S. senator. He is double crossed and seeks revenge on white people for what he considers injustices against Mexicans in America . . . or at least thats what the trailer would lead us to believe its about.

The movie shows a bunch of Mexicans armed with machetes hacking apart white people. The trailer opens with hasbeen Danny Trejo saying “This is Machete, with a special Cinco de Mayo message for Arizona” almost implying that the people of Arizona can expect to be hacked to pieces if they don’t rescind their new law against illegal aliens.

There is another scene where Jessica Alba proclaims “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” This is clearly another attempt by writer/director Robert Rodriguez to blame illegal immigration on an event that happened 200 years ago.

We here at the BrokenCountry would expect nothing less from the Latino community. This film will prove to do nothing but incite and provoke Americans into taking more action against illegal immigration.

For Trejo and Rodriguez to openly threaten the people of Arizona, citizens of the United States, with acts of violence is reprehensible and should be considered an act of terrorism.

There are some that would argue the racist overtone of Machete. I can only say this. What if the a movie were made called “Go back to Mexico” where a bunch of white people were shown hacking Mexicans to pieces? Bob

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