Doctors Say Obama Still Smoking Cigarettes

So let me get this straight. The leader of the free world, who is telling us we need his health care reform, smokes cigarettes? Imagine that. Aren’t these the same leftist guerrillas in Congress that made the tobacco industry the bane of society by vilifying them and suing them for medical costs associated with smoking cigarettes?

How in the hell are we to believe in a man that’s too weak emotionally to quit smoking cigarettes? Bob

President Obama‘s doctors hinted Sunday that he still might be sneaking smokes when Michelle and the kids aren’t around to yell at him.

Obama’s routine physical at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center found him in “excellent health” and “fit for duty” but the docs also included a cryptic recommendation that he “continue smoking cessation efforts.”

Obama should continue his “nicotine replacement therapy – self-use (gum or the patch),” the doctor said.

Obama owned up during the 2008 presidential campaign to falling off the wagon occassionally in his effort to quit with the help of nicotine gum.

Obama has also said that First Lady Michelle Obama, and kids Malia and Sasha, have been all over him to break the habit.

The initial report on the physical from Dr. Jeff Kuhlman, director of the White House Medical Unit, also suggested that Obama may have lost some of the jump on his jump shot.

The report said his knees sometimes ache and the docs recommended a “lower extemity muscle strengthening program.”

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