Ryan Villalpando and Family Killed in Freeway Accident, Moreno Valley High Football Coach

There is more to this story that I have not seen mentioned in the news reports about this horrible tragedy. There is a huge problem on the 15 Freeway from the 210 Pasadena Freeway, down through the 60 Los Angeles Freeway.

Cal-Trans, the freeway maintenance and construction agency run by the state of California, has been running a number of projects on the 15 freeway for more than a year now. There have been a lot of accidents because of their construction.

I was in a small accident a couple of weeks ago because of the construction, when a Cal-Trans dump truck came off of the center divider and went across all four traffic lanes causing me to swerve to avoid the debris that was falling off of the back of his truck. I ran over a traffic cone and a piece of concrete form lumber. This flattened two of my tires and ruined the front bumper of the car.

The traffic lanes change almost daily, being moved from one side of the freeway to the other, and you never know what to expect one day to the next. I work in Commerce CA. and driving down the 15 to get to the 60 is a crap shoot. One day things will be fine, the next day there are accidents everywhere.

I wonder what was going on that caused this horrible accident that took the lives of an entire family. The Jurupa (pronounced Ha-roo-pa) exit is just north of the 60 westbound transition road and right in the middle of their construction zone and right where my little accident occurred.

Driving this stretch of freeway is incredibly dangerous because of the way Cal-Trans has been managing construction on both sides of the freeway. Just yesterday on my way to work in the same area of this accident I was almost involved in an accident.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Villalpando Family in this sad time. JD

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