Ryan Villalpando and Family Killed in Freeway Accident, Moreno Valley High Football Coach

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There is more to this story that I have not seen mentioned in the news reports about this horrible tragedy. There is a huge problem on the 15 Freeway from the 210 Pasadena Freeway, down through the 60 Los Angeles Freeway.

Cal-Trans, the freeway maintenance and construction agency run by the state of California, has been running a number of projects on the 15 freeway for more than a year now. There have been a lot of accidents because of their construction.

I was in a small accident a couple of weeks ago because of the construction, when a Cal-Trans dump truck came off of the center divider and went across all four traffic lanes causing me to swerve to avoid the debris that was falling off of the back of his truck. I ran over a traffic cone and a piece of concrete form lumber. This flattened two of my tires and ruined the front bumper of the car.

The traffic lanes change almost daily, being moved from one side of the freeway to the other, and you never know what to expect one day to the next. I work in Commerce CA. and driving down the 15 to get to the 60 is a crap shoot. One day things will be fine, the next day there are accidents everywhere.

I wonder what was going on that caused this horrible accident that took the lives of an entire family. The Jurupa (pronounced Ha-roo-pa) exit is just north of the 60 westbound transition road and right in the middle of their construction zone and right where my little accident occurred.

Driving this stretch of freeway is incredibly dangerous because of the way Cal-Trans has been managing construction on both sides of the freeway. Just yesterday on my way to work in the same area of this accident I was almost involved in an accident.

Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Villalpando Family in this sad time. JD

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35 Responses to Ryan Villalpando and Family Killed in Freeway Accident, Moreno Valley High Football Coach

  1. Nicki Young

    Ryan was always the most upbeat friend…Even when years passed after high school and we would get to run into each other, he always had the same old big bear hug… he shined giving me updates on his family that he had made…This is truly opening in a sense that the worst can even happen to the best people. So incredibly humbling and heartbreaking. It makes me remember to cherish every second of my own life and stop and remember to cherish every second you have with everyone around you. I know Ryan touched so many hearts.

  2. Truck Drivers Wife

    he now has to deal with emotion and pysical scars, not to mention he can never drive again. if you ever driven in big rig or you drive a big rig you know that you cant stop on a dime. we were not there, but he was and he tryed to avoid this tragidy but it happend so fast and you can only do so much without taking out other cars to avoid hitting one. for those posting on this website blaming him for not slowing down or "texting" dont throw stones in a glass house. let god be the judge not you. unless you are a commercial driver or a family member of one you will never know what they go through or how dangerous and challenging their job is. myself, driving on the road with my husband, this is our biggest fear. that transition is only miles from our terminal and we drive it on a weekly basis. that could of been us. do we feel everyones pain ? of course we do. Cal Trans does change that transition on a regular basis and they dont take into consideration that changing a traffic pattern can effect how big rigs and four wheelers drive. All im saying is when you say your prayers for the Villalpando family,say a prayer for the truck driver and his family and the pain they have to endure also for the rest of their lives.

  3. Truck Drivers Wife

    I feel extreamly sad and sorry for the tragidy the Villalpando family has had to endure by loss of the four loved ones, but has anyone said or done anything for the truck driver who could not avoid accidently hitting them? I know first hand that he did everything he could to try to save there lives. how do you ask ? he has third degree burns on both his arms from breaking the glass on the car and trying to pull ryan and his wife from the car. the heat was too intense for him to effect a rescue. think of what he saw and heard. he is a good family man and a good driver. he has driven 13 years without an incident. how do i know this ? my husband is his co-worker at the company he works for.

  4. Family Member

    If you would like to make a contribution to help lay the Ryan Villalpando Family to rest, you can walk into any Chase Bank with a check written out to The Villalpando Memorial, account # 880728555. The family thanks you for all your support and most of all your prayers.

    • Bob

      Give me a moment and I will post this on the site. Bob

    • gail

      I just found out a few days ago that I used to work with Ryans Mom I just want to send my heartfelt sympathy and prayers going out to you in this huge loss. I pray the God of all comfort to hold you in his arms and keep you and bless you somehow in a very real and personal way thru all of this. Gail

  5. Marisol

    Only God knows why things happen. My prayers go out to his family. I have faith that Coach V. and his family are happy and in a better place…♥

  6. CLO

    My husband had a situation on the same stretch of highway – same Jurupa exit area where a CalTrans hired subcontractor J. McLoughlin Engineering Corp. was picking up cones late night and hit my husbands truck. My husband returned to the exit the J. McLoughlin truck took and they had left the scene. After calling the company the (4) employees had advised that it was not their fault – again, leaving the scene. CHP and Ins. to investigate. Stear clear of this area and especially these trucks. Clearly they weren't paying attention.

  7. shiley iorio

    hey mr. vllalpndo i will miss you so much and Iam so sorry for your loss for th family's and this is shirley Iorio

  8. lilia mozqueda

    To the family,
    There are no words that can be said to ease your pain…..my god give you strength.

  9. Jose M.

    I drive through this every day as well. One night I hit a cone that I couldn't swerve to avoid due to traffic, It damaged my bumper and took out my fog lights!

  10. Lourdes

    This stretch is scary and confusing, I tend to take Haven Ave. most of the time instead of the fwy.

  11. Liz

    What an awful tragedy, my prayers go out to the family, this is so sad.

  12. Gen

    He was an awesome teacher one of the Best P.E. Teacher's i have ever had. and he was an awesome person and coach. Coach V. and his Family will be missed alot But always in there loved ones hearts

  13. Danny

    He was a good coach and a good person I only knew him a little but he had a heart

  14. Reana

    This is sad and very shocking. I just seen them [the whole family] Friday at Olive Garden and on Saturday I was busy… coming back on the same freeway, there was traffic and they were cleaning up the accident. It is very weird and heartbreaking. Ugh, rest peacefully.

  15. colleen lafleur

    wow this is so sad i didnt know them but my sister went to school with him since the 5th grade and my daughter worked with both him and his wife at the community center in redlands everyone is so lost for words god bless the family they have 4 beautiful angels watching over the family

  16. Melody

    RIP coach v. & fam.

    moval will always remember you and love you.

  17. an old friend

    An awful tragedy.The loss of four beautiful and precious people saddens me very deeply. I went to school with some of the Villalpondos here in Redlands.I now have Grandchildren of my own and I cant imagine what the family is going through. God be with you all. May he also comfort all who are affected by this tragedy. I never knew you little Mateo and Bella but I will never forget you.

  18. kimma

    rest in paradise caoch v &nd fam; you'll NEVER be forgotten;

  19. Alan

    Coach V was a good coach n he will be miss R.I.P Coach v And Family

  20. Jasmine

    I Will Always Love&& Miss Coach Villalpando&& His Familyy<3 MVHS Will Definatly Be Effected By This Tragedyy;(

  21. Kim

    My son and I where traveling on the otherside when we witnessed a man trying to put the car out, the fire seemed to overwhelming, shortly after from a far you could see black smoke. This has tramuatized my son and myself to this day. We are sorry for your sudden losses, may God comfort you hourly in this time. I do also travel this freeway and have seen multiple accidents, and I'm very familar with difficulty vissulizing the lines that seem to change frequently along with other vehicles that weave between lanes. I also notice drivers have no concern or care for vehicles that are on coming they would much rather speed up and ride another car then to let you on the freeway. What ever comes from this it will not bring a family back but maybe save another one. GODS BLESSING, MAY HE FILL YOUR HEART AND MIND

  22. Steve

    I drive a high profile vehicle and I can tell you that visibility is terrific. There is absolutely NO reason the truck driver that plowed into the Villalpando and killed them could NOT have seen it coming. Before we start accusing CalTrans, we should grab the driver of the Semi and try him on 4 counts of manslughter! He was probably texting….

    • Xiomara

      Steve, before accusing the driver of the semi, unless you were an eye witness you should just relax, you are doing the same accusations the others are… better yet use that energy to pray for the Villalpando family, may god rest their souls and bless the loved ones that are now suffering through this tragedy.

    • Hello Kitty

      I totally agree with you. Don't blame Cal Trans when they were not there at the scene. If you are driving a semi, you should always slow down. My prayers are with Ryan and his family.

  23. Such A great person he will always be remembered. He would keep pushing you further and further.

  24. Angela Cortez

    I heard about this story on the local news…..very sad. I didn't know this family, but it brought tears to my eyes as I was listening to the details of this tragic accident. My thoughts and prayers are with the surviving family members….God Bless you.

  25. edwin and marquis

    He'll be missed all over moreno valley…he was my favorite teacher =(

  26. Mike

    What a horrible tragedy. How does a family go on after this? I am so sorry for the Villalpando family loss.


  27. Harold Clayton

    Because of where I work I am forced to drive this section of freeway every day. I have been in an accident their that resulted in a total loss of my vehicle and minor injuries. I was traveling at about 45 miles an hour or things may have been much worse.

    On Friday Feb 12, I was driving this same stretch when an accident occurred right next to me me because of the way Cal-Trans shifted the lanes right below Foothill.

    Cal-Trans should be held accountable for the way they have mismanaged this project.

    Harold Clayton

  28. Anyone that has experienced driving this stretch of freeway is encouraged to comment and tell their story. Thanks for the comment Maria. JD

    • Ryan Hemming

      The construction is a joke. The city or state start creating projects at the end of the year so they won't lose Federal funding. This stretch of the freeway is a nightmare with the concrete barriers and construction obstacles. I feel horrible for the Villalpando family. I have been think about them all week.

      • Ryan Hemming

        I have been thinking about the family all week. I can't imagine it. I have a newborn and a 4 year old son and this tragedy has affected me. I don't even want to drive on the 15 freeway anymore. In fact I tried to avoid it the other day and was driving north on Archibald and witnessed an accident involving two trucks. I felt bad for the guy who got hit. He was in a alot of pain. It doesn't matter where I drive. People are driving too agressive. My prayers are with the Villalpando family.

  29. Marisa Russo

    Thought and prayers to the entire family! The pain of this huge loss is unimaginable! God Bless!

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