San Onofre nuclear power plant sounds false alarm

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San Onofre nuclear reactor

San Onofre,  home of some of the best surf Southern California has to offer.   Beautiful beaches and a safe,  clean and green way of making energy for the masses.   JD

A siren went off on one of the towers at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant Tuesday but turned out to be a false alarm, authorities said.

The siren went off around 4:45 a.m. and generated easily more than 50 calls from concerned residents, said Sgt. S. Baker of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

“We got a whole bunch of calls,” Baker said. “Not sure how many, but it was a parcel. A whole bunch.”

The plant is on the coast in San Diego County about three miles from San Clemente and the Orange County line. The plant also borders the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base.

The siren was shut off almost immediately and determined to be a false alarm, Baker said.

“We’re not sure what made the siren go off or why it went off,” Baker said.

Technicians at the plant were looking into the problem this morning, Baker said.

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5 Responses to San Onofre nuclear power plant sounds false alarm

  1. TR

    These alarms have gone off two more times since this 4am one… Its scary, are these false too, or is there an underlying emergency??

  2. Major Pain

    I am a frequent visitor to the coastline North and South of the Plant. At least I have not seen hundreds of dead lobsters lately…………

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  4. What is it with all these false alarms lately?
    They’re up over 500 percent across the country.
    Oh, and their power plant looks like boobs.

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