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Tiger Woods and AT&T, It just keeps getting worse for Woods

Funny Tiger WoodsAT&T announced Thursday that it is ending its endorsement deal with the scandal-ridden golfer, even though the “multi-year” contract was only signed in early 2009. An AT&T logo had appeared on Woods’s golf bag, and he and the company had several links through his charitable foundation and AT&T-branded golf tournaments.

Consulting company Accenture has already ditched the philandering athlete, and Gillette has played down its relationship with Woods in advertisements and packaging. Other companies, like Pepsi, Nike and Electronic Arts, have either said they’re sticking by Woods or remained mum.

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Mike Tyson will not be prosecuted for punching a photographer at LAX

Mike Tyson funny teethMike Tyson is a free man. Mike Tyson will not be prosecuted for allegedly punching a photog at Los Angeles International Airport.

The L.A. City Attorney officially rejected the case today, citing “insufficient evidence.”

Tyson was arrested last month for battery after a bloody confrontation with a paparazzo outside the United terminal at LAX. Tyson claimed the photog was harassing him, his wife and child.

The photographer was taken to the hospital and stitched up.

The City Attorney also declined to file charges against the photographer.

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The Wizard of Ass

The Wizard of Obama

Obama and the liberal Oz

Joe Biden, Brack Obama, Janet Napolitano and Nancy Pelosi star in “The Wizard of Ass.”

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PHOTO : Rush Limbaugh on Stretcher rushed to hospital

photo rush limbaugh rushed to hospital heart attack

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Rush Limbaugh suffers heart attack in Hawaii

HONOLULU — A Honolulu television station is reporting that conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been taken to a hospital with chest pains.

KITV reported Wednesday that paramedics responded to a call at 2:41 p.m. from the Kahala Hotel and Resort where Limbaugh is vacationing.

The station, citing unnamed sources, said paramedics treated Limbaugh and took him to The Queen’s Medical Center in serious condition.

Queen’s spokeswoman N. Makana Shook says the hospital is unable to comment on the report.

Television station KHON quoted unidentified sources saying Limbaugh was taken from the hotel in an ambulance.

Limbaugh was seen golfing at Waialae Country Club earlier this week. The country club is next to the Kahala Hotel and Resort.

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Rush Limbaugh rushed to hospital

ABC affiliate KITV in Hawaii is reporting that conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh has been taken to a Honolulu area hospital in serious condition.

Paramedics were called to the Kahala hotel where Limbaugh was staying at 2:41p.m. Hawaii time, the radio host reportedly had chest pains.

According to the report Limbaugh was staying at the hotel for the holidays.

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Suicide bomber attack in Afghanistan, Obama Ignorance responsible for more American Casualties

Obama the dictator

A suicide bomber wearing an explosive vest struck a forward operating base in eastern Afghanistan late Wednesday, causing an unknown number of casualties, a U.S. military official said.

The bomber attacked Forward Operating Base Chapman in Khost province.

It was unknown whether American civilian personnel were killed in the attack, but there were no U.S. military personnel killed, said Col. Wayne Shanks, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force.

“What I can confirm is that there were no U.S. military killed,” he said, speaking by phone from Kabul.

CNN reported that the suicide bomber walked into either the dining facility or the base gym, and that the casualty toll ranged from five to nine people.

Shanks said he could not confirm those numbers, and it was unclear how many had been killed or injured. Initial reports on the incident remained sketchy, he said.

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Photo: Tiger Woods Rachel Uchitel partying together in Palm Beach

photo of Tiger Woods partying with Rachel Uchitel

photo of Tiger Woods partying with Rachel Uchitel

Is Tiger Woods shacking up with his No. 1 kitten?

The scandal-rocked pro golfer has been spotted in Palm Beach, Fla., with none other than alleged mistress No. 1, Rachel Uchitel, sources told Entertainment Tonight.

The reported sighting comes just weeks after Woods announced on Dec. 11 that he was taking a break from professional golf to “focus my attention on being a better husband, father and person.”

Woods and Uchitel were rumored to be holding hands as they mixed with about 300 guests at a party in a private mansion in Palm Beach.

They were also spotted partying together in the ritzy enclave, at the Everglades Club, on Saturday night, Entertainment Tonight reports.

Some sources went even further, telling ET that the rumored paramours were living together aboard Woods’ yacht, Privacy, which is reportedly docked in Palm Beach.

The Daily News reported last week that Uchitel, 34, had fled New York and was holed up in a $2 million Palm Beach pad on Sandpiper Drive, registered to 66-year old Michael Abtahi. It was unclear whether she was renting out the posh home or staying there under some other arrangement.

Her mother, socialite Susan Bishop, lives nearby, and the brunette party girl has been spotted around the neighborhood.

It was sexy text messages between Woods and Uchitel that reportedly sparked the initial confrontation between the golfer and his wife, Elin Nordegren.

Nordegren escaped to her native Sweden for the Christmas holiday with the couple’s two children, their daughter Sam, 2, and Charlie, who’ll turn 1 in February. In mid-December, Nordegren hired prominent divorce lawyer-to-the-stars Sorrell Trope, signaling she’s likely to divorce her superstar hubby, who was named the Associated Press‘ athlete of the decade weeks after the scandal broke.

Woods has been linked to at least 10 other women with whom he’s rumored to have had affairs.

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From The Smoking The post has been removed from

DECEMBER 28–In a colossal screw-up, the gossip web site TMZ today published a photo purporting to show John F. Kennedy frolicking on a yacht with a harem of naked women–except that the image actually appeared as part of a November 1967 Playboy photo spread, The Smoking Gun has learned. The TMZ hoax was billed as an “exclusive” featuring a photo that “could have altered world events” had it surfaced prior to JFK’s presidential campaign.

“It could have torpedoed his run, and changed world history,” the site added. In reality, the photo appeared in story about Playboy’s “Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodied Complement of Ship’s Belles.” As seen in the below page from the November 1967 issue, the Playboy photo is in color.

The “Exclusive” TMZ image is the same photo, just reproduced in black and white. [Click here for a side-by-side comparison of the original Playboy photo and the watermarked version published today by TMZ.] According to the web site, the photo was “eventually given to a man who owned a car dealership on the East coast. The man kept it in a drawer for years, and would brag to friends he had an image of JFK on a boat with naked women.

The man died 10 years ago and one of his sons inherited the photo.” The gossip site offered no further details about the photo’s provenance or what they paid for the image. The site noted that “we believe the photo was taken in the mid-1950s,” likely while Kennedy was on a two-week “Mediterranean boating trip” with his brother Ted and Senator George Smathers.

TMZ claimed to have consulted with “multiple experts,” including a forensic photo expert and two unnamed JFK biographers, as it sought to confirm that the late president was photographed surrounded by a quartet of naked women. According to the caption accompanying the Playboy photo spread, four couples were enjoying themselves on a trip to Petit Rameau, an island in the Grenadines. As “Andy” sunned himself on deck, “Elaine” dove naked into the water while “Roxanna” provocatively shimmied up a ladder.

In an interview, Larry Dale Gordon, the Playboy photographer who took the yacht image, said that the man TMZ identified as Kennedy was a “paid model,” as were the naked women featured in the shot.

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President Obama has new weapon to fight health care opponents

Obama secret spy weapon

  • President Obama unveils new top secret weapon designed to help spy on political enemies.

  • In a stunning revelation, has learned that President Obama has ordered a special, top secret weapon to combat political enemies like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity.

    No one knows what President Obama calls this new weapon, but insiders have said under the condition of anonymity that the project is titled “Operation Dumbo.”

    Not much is known about how the weapon will actually work, but early prototypes have proven useful for hearing sounds for up to twenty miles.

    The device is said to also provide added security for the president because it is bullet proof and will allow the president to fly away in dangerous situations. “With a simple tilt of the head, the president will be able to fly out of harms way” the anonymous source said. JD

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