U.N. Peacekeepers may be called into Northern Mexico

Welcome_MexicoComing soon to a neighborhood near you.   Kidnappings,  murders, rampant shooting and complete lawlessness.   Only in America can people simply walk across the border and do the same thing here that they are doing in Mexico.   Its an interesting dynamic that goes largely unreported here in California,  but happens almost daily.  Here is a link to a great article out of Phoenix and Tucson Arizona stating that more than 400 Americans have been kidnapped there by Mexicans.   Most of the victims are either of Mexican origin or have family in Mexico.

Right now,  here in the United States,  we have elected officials that are considering giving blanket Amnesty to million of illegal aliens,  mostly from Mexico,  and the thing that amazes me is that the proponent of this plan is Janet Napolitano,  who hails from  . . .  ARIZONA!!!

I have been to the Phoenix, Tucson area many times.   I remember the first time I was there and while in the hotel put on the local news,  and I thought I was still in Los Angeles.   Murders,  gang violence,  robberies are worse there than in Los Angeles.   Walls all over town are covered with graffiti.   Many sections of these once beautiful cities look just like Mexico.

If the United States continues the practice of letting people simply stay here once they have broken our laws to get here,  at what point will America be calling the U.N. in to keep the peace?

Why should the U.N. be forced to spend its money going into Mexico in the first place?   Mexico and the Mexican government is corrupt from top to bottom.    I have long been a proponent of simply using the American military to go into Mexico and take the country over,  and make it the fifty first state.

We may as well.  Eventually, after all of the people of Mexico come to America illegally and get Amnesty time and time again,  they will all be American citizens anyway.   We can make them taxpayers and exploit Mexico’s natural resources,  mainly crude oil,  which at the current time cannot be drilled for because Mexico is so corrupt in the first place.

One day,  long after I am dead and gone,  people are going to look back at American history and see that the beginning of the end of this once great nation was a society that simply gave up and let the lunatics run the asylum.      JD

REUTERS CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — A seven-year-old boy, three women and a university professor are among 15 people killed in a single day last week in this city across the border from El Paso.

Juarez has become infamous as the murder capital of the world.

The relentless and violent crime have two leading business associations making a desperate plea for help — they want U.N. peacekeepers in Juarez.

“We are living basically in a state of war in Ciudad Juarez,” said Oscar Maynez, a criminologist in the border city.

Killings top 2,000 so far this year. Kidnappings and extortion are rampant. Businesses that fail to pay for protection risk having their property reduced to a pile of charred rubble.

All this is despite the presence of thousands of Mexican troops in the border city.

“That was the last resort for the Mexican authorities — use the army. And if the army doesn’t work or show any results, what then? What’s the next step or level of intervention?” Maynez asked.

Mexican business leaders say it’s time to seek outside help. Their concern about excalating drug violence is shared by U.S. companies operating in Mexico.

“We hear it from our multinational clients,” said Fred Burton of Stratrod Global Intelligence. “There’s not a day that goes by that they’re not asking us about the violence level in certain areas, such as Monterrey or Juarez.”

The bloodshed is now growing — not just on border streets, but in the boardrooms of both countries.

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