The Scooter (Power Chair) Scam

Call for your free battery powered power chair ! Paid for in full by Medi-Care. Have any of you seen these commercials telling people to call a tool free number for their “free power chair?” How can it be free if in the next sentence these companies make claims that it will cost you “little or no money” and that it is paid for by Medi-Care?

This is yet another slap in the face to the American tax payer. Why? Because its the U.S. tax payer that is footing the bill for this scam on society by telling people that they are free in the first place. So here’s how it works. Some charlatan has this idea to buy these power chairs in bulk wholesale. He then pays for commercial time on television to proclaim to the masses that they are “entitled” (yes, one such store actually uses the word “entitled”.) to their free power chair. Then they mark these things up 500% and makes a killing un an unsuspecting public.

I actually talked to a rather obese woman at the supermarket yesterday after I overheard her telling the cashier that she had just received one of these $10,000.00 power chairs for free from The scooter place and was proclaiming its greatness. $10,000.00 dollars!!! So I asked her why she needed it in the first place. She said because she has “bad knees.” I almost said to her that perhaps if she lost three hundred pounds she wouldn’t have bad knees.

Which brings me to my next point. It seems that most of the people I see in these power chairs are morbidly obese. So I guess now it has become incumbent of our “compassionate” society to pay for people that have eaten themselves into a such a state of fatness that they can no longer walk on their own. This would mean that essentially its societies fault that they are fat.

What are we doing here? It would occur to me that the last thing you would do to a heroin addict is give them enough “free” heroin to overdose and die. If we were truly a compassionate society we would dupe these obese people into ordering the power chair only to find out upon delivery that in reality they ordered a fucking treadmill! Thats right! I said it! A treadmill so they can get the exercise they need and loose the weight! And the contract should read that if they take the treadmill they have to go to a gym and diet as well.

Its the typical convoluted ideology I would expect from the liberal American public at large. Or maybe its because the liberal idiots that allow this nonsense to go on are really hoping to facilitate and early and untimely demise of the morbidly obese. After all for every one American in the hospital for smoking related illnesses there are nine fat people in the hospital for weight related health issues.

It’s sheer lunacy and it pisses me off that they can claim these things are free in the first place. Congress should pass a law that says that EVERYTHING that is call free yet paid for with tax money should have to say at the end of each commercial something like “paid for by the tax payer of the United States of America.” JD

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