The Scooter (Power Chair) Scam

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Call for your free battery powered power chair ! Paid for in full by Medi-Care. Have any of you seen these commercials telling people to call a tool free number for their “free power chair?” How can it be free if in the next sentence these companies make claims that it will cost you “little or no money” and that it is paid for by Medi-Care?

This is yet another slap in the face to the American tax payer. Why? Because its the U.S. tax payer that is footing the bill for this scam on society by telling people that they are free in the first place. So here’s how it works. Some charlatan has this idea to buy these power chairs in bulk wholesale. He then pays for commercial time on television to proclaim to the masses that they are “entitled” (yes, one such store actually uses the word “entitled”.) to their free power chair. Then they mark these things up 500% and makes a killing un an unsuspecting public.

I actually talked to a rather obese woman at the supermarket yesterday after I overheard her telling the cashier that she had just received one of these $10,000.00 power chairs for free from The scooter place and was proclaiming its greatness. $10,000.00 dollars!!! So I asked her why she needed it in the first place. She said because she has “bad knees.” I almost said to her that perhaps if she lost three hundred pounds she wouldn’t have bad knees.

Which brings me to my next point. It seems that most of the people I see in these power chairs are morbidly obese. So I guess now it has become incumbent of our “compassionate” society to pay for people that have eaten themselves into a such a state of fatness that they can no longer walk on their own. This would mean that essentially its societies fault that they are fat.

What are we doing here? It would occur to me that the last thing you would do to a heroin addict is give them enough “free” heroin to overdose and die. If we were truly a compassionate society we would dupe these obese people into ordering the power chair only to find out upon delivery that in reality they ordered a fucking treadmill! Thats right! I said it! A treadmill so they can get the exercise they need and loose the weight! And the contract should read that if they take the treadmill they have to go to a gym and diet as well.

Its the typical convoluted ideology I would expect from the liberal American public at large. Or maybe its because the liberal idiots that allow this nonsense to go on are really hoping to facilitate and early and untimely demise of the morbidly obese. After all for every one American in the hospital for smoking related illnesses there are nine fat people in the hospital for weight related health issues.

It’s sheer lunacy and it pisses me off that they can claim these things are free in the first place. Congress should pass a law that says that EVERYTHING that is call free yet paid for with tax money should have to say at the end of each commercial something like “paid for by the tax payer of the United States of America.” JD

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  4. Toni

    I became disabled at the age 28. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. I still worked, had my own business, went to school became a nurse when my epileptic doctor told me not to because stress makes it worse. I ended up having a seizure and hitting a light pole. I now have 5 herniations. I worked at a state hospital for 10 years and the insurance would not get me a chair. I forced myself to walk again and go back to work. I could only handle the stress and work for just a little bit. Then was put in the hospital to be watched for 5 days. My seizure meds were upped. I had to give up nursing. Now I work at JcPenney's but I have a heck of a time gettin to and from work walking. I can stand on my feet and do my job but after 8 hours I need something. I have medicaid now and I am not scamming anybody and would like to get a chair. So would you as a tax payer feel like I am scamming when I am still working and have been trying in the severe pain I am in?






    • La Torza O Coriiza

      you missed the point entirely. you donst deserve anything just because you are disabled. taxpayers should not be required to pay for luxuries or even pain relief. thats not what the government is supposed to do. dont be such a little bitch. no one owes you anything

  6. Jer

    I'm trying to get my doctor to prescribe  for me a new Dodge Power Ram Diesel truck, at no cost to me of course. I'm sure there has to be a way to screw the taxpayer into footing the bill. If my scam works you'll be seeing me on commercials grinning like a possum and saying "Not a dime out of my pocket."

     What a (screwed up) country!

  7. ldyjulanna

    while I agree that there are some dishonest people that get the chairs when they dont need them that does not mean tht the opretunity should be taken from every one i'm 31 and have CP I can barely use a walker and even with lots of therapy I would never be to keep up with or do the things i now do with my 10yr old son I only wish i hadgotten mine sooner it would have made his infantsy alot easier on me ….

  8. Butch

    I am really ticked at the person who started this crap.  My husband served OUR country for quite a few years then came home and worked his job, volunteered with the youth for over 17 years, retired not once but 2 times at his job, volunteered at the Veterans Hospital 2 times a week until he became ill, diabetes, lung problem NO cigs., heart problems.  NOW you want to tell me what you have done with your taxes and life. NOT and we are not the only ones who have!!!!! Right you vets……

  9. kilt1iron

    Life is NOT fair.  The founding of this great nation was specifically directed away from having one person, or group of people, forced to give their property they owned and used for their well-being to another for their well-being.  We were to be free to make for ourselves the life we could of our own free will.  Anything coming from another to someone was to occur without coercion.  What many here say is you own me, and my property, because "you deserve something."


    That, my friends, is akin to "slavery."

    • Well put. Its what Americans do not seem to understand today. We are supposed to take care of ourselves. We are not supposed to depend on others for our own survival. We are not supposed to make kids purely for the financial support to be paid for by the taxpayers. JD

  10. shana

    oh you are such a DOUCHE youre probably some lonely old WHITE man with nothing better to do but critisize others who gives a fuck mind your own buisness go play some fffing golf or something bitch and moan all you want your still gonna pay taxes and you have no god damn say as to where it goes so SHUT THE HELL UP im so sick of retards like you  and good day to you sir

  11. Anonymous

    To all of you Scooter Store dedicated employees, I guess your training didn't include a review of the lawsuit;
    Thou art truly scum.

  12. Anonymous

    Fat people also cause injury to the people that have to take care of them. And the police officers that have to sling them around too.

  13. Anonymous

    Hypothyroidism does not cause morbid obesity. You will get tired but you won't get morbidly obese. You won't have the energy to consume mass quantities of food.

    Nice try fatso.

    • kentucky mom

      As a parent of a 31 year old disabled child, I depise your comments. My daughter is not overweight. She suffered a head injury in a accident da few years ago. She is unable to walk.He husband left her after the first year because he was no longer able to care for her. She is home with me. Just because a person gets disability benefits does not mean they are lazy . People have to meet a certain criteria to get them. Just because someone is overweight and in a power chair doesn't mean they don't need it. Being overweight is not a criteria for getting disability benefits. There has to be another medical reason for it. Believe me I know. I had to go through the steps to get her a chair. It has bee a life saver for us. She can now go out of the house. We can take her places with us. Before she was stuck in bed most of the time. She has to be lifted in and out because she has not feeling from the waist dow. If u saw her riding in her chair u would probable think she doesn't need it because u can't see anything wrong with her. STOP judging people before you know the reason they have a chair. That is being a bigot and discriminating. I only hope that you never have to go through what some people have had to endure. Or maybe I hope you do, then you will understand..

  14. Anonymous

    I work for the scooter store and everyday we have to determine whether people qualify to even get a powerchair. Just a FY mad scooters are not paid for with tax dollars. They are cash sales. Powerwheelchairs are paid for by a person's insurance. Also a doctor has to presribe the chair after a evaluation. Due to the steps we take it ha made us the best DME company. Local stores try and cut deals with doctors and they are the ones who are the reason for fraud so be mad at them. Doctors get mad at us because we follow rules and provide all the paperwork and because of that they don't want to the right thing

  15. Anonymous

    I don't see an issue with folks buying Scooters but thats the operative word…buying.  Not asking the government to foot the bill.  I don't care if you are or are not obese.  Its not the responsibility of my tax dollars to provide someone a scooter.  The right thing to do and the best way not to be criticized is to buy it yourself.  If you can't buy it because its too expensive, then by a used wheel chair or used wheel chair with power.  The world over still uses wheel chairs.


  16. Anonymous

    I am now 61 years old and have seen a lot of bullshit. Every time I see ANYTHING heavily advertised, I can smell a RAT. A few years ago these non sensitive ethnic ads were all over the place for ads to get financing for that $200,000 home loan that you could NEVER repay. The banks were then bailed out by us tax payers when they couldn't pay their loans. I now see these power chair ads and MANY ads for pills that you don't need , also to be tax payer debt. It is time to stop all this bullshit and Republicans are the MAJOR Producers/ Creators of MOST of this. They are nothing but GREEDY bastards for taxpayer dollars.

    • There are those of us who are not obese, overweight or lazy.  I recently went through 2 brain surgeries within 3 days due to spontaneous subderal hematomas.  Both surgeries were on my left brain hemisphere.  I spent 17 days in a coma, on day 22 when I was released from the hospital, I had a TIA stroke.  Now I have seizures, Todd's Palsey, and extreme migraines.   I never had to fight Social Security for disability payments.  My brain only functions at about 75% now.  Since the left part of the brain works the right side of the body, my whole right side, arms, feet, legs go right out from under me at any time.  So, don't judge people by what you see.  I get stared at a lot of times while on my power chair in public, most likely because these people don't SEE the physical problems. 

  17. Anonymous

    FYI obese people become disabled from injuries and illness just like everyone else!  Just because you see someone in a wheel chair or scooter that appears overweight DON'T ASSUME that you know why they are there!  Since you don't know their situation you might save yourself the headache of judging them and instead be thankful that you are able to walk.  Try some compassion.  You might like how it feels.

  18. Thaddeus Buttmunch M

    The Rascal and scooter store casue HEADACHES for me b/c they DO solicit patients and the paperwork is TEN PAGES! Some of this is b/c of the fraud, yes. And they bounce it back over and over and OVER again like Binder and BInder disability. I spent long years in school with no sex life to be a Bureacrat??!

    And yes many MANY  of them are super obese and dont forget the chain smokers with terminal COPD. I DO see paralyzed and multiple sclerosis too but that's a low percentage. Amputations and CVA (stroke) but many of THESE had preventable risk factors, too.

  19. xyz

    I agree 100 with everything that you said. We went to Disneyworld in Oct and that is a perfect place to see what you are talking about. I also suspected that taxpayers were footing the bills for these things so I googled it and found your post.

  20. Anonymous

    For your infomration, the bariatric power chair business is only 8% of the total poewr chair sales.  That means 92% are for people of a normal weight or slightly overweight.   The cost of a power chair is less than one day in the hospital for breaking a bone during a fall – which is why the majority of people are in power chairs in the first place.

    You are a biggot.  And very uneducated on the actual subject of which you speak.

    • Anonymous

      I came across this article while doing research, for myself, on power chairs and scooters.  First of all I am disabled, second, while I may be about 10 lbs over where I should be, I am NOT OBESE.  Some people need a power chair for Peace of mind and safety reasons.  If I get one, it will give me freedom to go in and out of my house by myself, and give my husband peace of mind while he is at work.  Not everyone with limited mobility is ripping off the "taxpayers".  I worked full-time and paid taxes for over 30 years before an automobile accident 3 years ago.  I cannot return to my job because of my disabilities. I am not getting fat because of my wheelchair, in fact I've spent the last 3 years in and out of therapy to try and walk again.  I can walk some with a walker, but I can't get very far, plus because of my head injury, my balance is messed up.  If you really think anyone really get's one of these chairs because they just "don't want to walk"  I suggest you spend the  day in one.  The first time you get stuck in a doorway, or get wedged in somewhere, remember, most people can't just get up and get what they were going after.  I have called the Scooter Store, and they have been nice and made no promises.  They are going to work with me, my Dr, and my Insurance to see if I qualify.  That is not a scam.  I have done research on these chairs, you can spend from anywhere around $2,000 and up, depending on your needs.

      Oh my mother was in a wheelchair also, NOT OBESE either.

  21. M R

    Ok: I have no Problem with that.

  22. Dude, you can leave your name and email here. I do not sell emails, I don't run ads and I don't make any money on this site. I am an American and you are like me . . . entitled to your opinions. That is what makes America the greatest nation on the planet. JD

  23. M R

    And I don't want to be disabled, I would love to work and get payed for it. But do to goverment regulations I,m unemployable. 'BUT I CAN WORK FOR FREE, AND THE GOVERMENT AND THE PEOPLE LOVE IT', so i figure I get payed with a powerchair once every 5 years, for my services to society,

  24. M R

    After I posted what I posted above, I went back and read all of the comments. I have Type 2 Diabetus I weighed as you said over 400lbs, I ate like a hog, Which was my own falt, and I have 5 diplomas above my high school deploma, my writing sucks, my spelling sucks that's why I have a tab opened to google so i can half way get the words spelled right, I control my diabetus with diet, i'm still 2 heavey but the weight is going away, I work in the parks 60 to 80 hrs a week, get no pay, save the tax payers and you people thousands of dollars a year, from having a payed employee doing the same job. which you have to pay to do out of your tax dollars and saving you that much money. I have too many things wrong with me, workmans comp, wont cover me, so I am unemployable.

    Mr. Webmaster, or JD, How much of "YOUR'' " free time do you give back to society?" or volunteer in your community?

  25. M R

    I am a veteran, I had a horse crush my foot at 8 yrs old, I was drafted in to the army, I served my country the best I could, for two years, Untill they discharged me for unsuitability, because my right foot keeps breaking, it still breaks, but I worked and payed taxes like everyone else, My lungs don't function properly from years of working on the farm, and being in dust and dirt all the time, I have lower back problems that I inherited from my farther, all these thing have caused me to be on disability, most people, don't get much money a month, when on disability, 8 hundred a month or less, I get less, I'm in constant pain I was Obease, still am some, lost 180 lbs in a year, because I'm diabetic, I have a powerchair that medicare and medicade payed for, it did not come from the Scooter Store.

    Everyone has there own thoughts about people with disabilities, I got tired of crawling around on my hands and knees like a dog, because my back, keeps me from using crutches, I have volunteered for The Department of Natural Resources, for the last 17 years, I run Heavy Equipment, and Help check in the Campers, and answer questions to visitors at the parks, I just can't walk very well., But u condemn People that need powerchairs, and companys that sell them, I just don't get it.. I work some days in the parks from sun up till midnight, because of all the buget cuts in the goverment, so you people can enjoy, fishing, camping, hicking, and picnicking, I don't get payed, if I'm not doing that I watch my grand kids, I don't get payed for that either,

    I'm going to build me an all terrain power chair this summer, propane powered, six wheel drive, so when I get off of heavy equipment I dont have to crawl to my vehicle, because most powerchairs won't work off the cement, and yes I use my powerchair inside and out. i'm in it all the time.

    Its easy to judge people with disabilities, at the stores, on the streets, at the parks, But if it would happen to you, from a car accident, Slipping on the ice, tripping over a rug, where would u be, if someone didn't help you?

    THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. They just tell you its free just to get your attention. Then they bombard with ever thing you dont understand so then they go towork on getting your money. What they dont tell you have to a docters report to recive one Since your handicapped you can use social security. All their doing is a publicty so you notice them. Its a company you dont think their going to give their product away.

  27. Also, as someone that used to struggle with my weight, I now diet and run to keep the weight off. Its a novel concept. Perhaps if as Americans, we didn't sit around overindulging, we would not need these chairs in the first place. JD

  28. a former SCOOTER Sto

    JD, at what or with whom are you really mad? Your article makes a broad libelous statement about The SCOOTER Store being a scam, followed by the belittlement of the obese. Most of your comments are extremely insensitive and offensive.

    Having actually worked for The SCOOTER Store for several years I would like to lend you some perspective. The company's mission statement is "To Provide Freedom and Independence to People With Limited Mobility." I delivered power chairs and scooters, performed service and maintenance and eventually sold the equipment via telephone. I was good friends with the owner's brother and ate dinner with the owner's family on several occasions.

    Never once did the company show any appearance of impropriety. In fact they helped Medicare recover millions of dollars of fraudulent billing by other durable medical equipment providers in the Houston area. Even after being let go during a 500+ person reduction in force 7 years ago, I have no ill will towards this company. I know my comments will not change your mind but I wanted to inform you about a great company of which you seem to know little about. Good day.

    • I am not saying that the company is acting inappropriately. I am saying that ALL of these companies are taking advantage of the system for people that do not necessarily need one of these chairs. I see people day in, day out riding around on these things when what they really need is a treadmill and a proper diet. JD

    • WA

      As a current employee of the Scooter Store, I disagree with what you are claiming, it is apparent you may not know all the compliance training and steps we go through,. Follow and do on a daily basis.  To claim by you:” Which brings me to my next point. It seems that most of the people I see in these power chairs are morbidly obese”, that is only because that is what you are looking for and seeing.  Yes this is America and we are entitled to our own opinions, but who are we to tell or dictate how people will live, eat, sleep, work exercise.

           And by the way the only Power chair that does cost over $10, 000 generally is what we call an ASM unit, those units are specifically built for people who have severe physical limitations that effect there freedom and independence. 

          Future more you will see a decrease in the power chair and scooter companies across the county in 2011 because of the Federal laws changing for Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurance companies, yes over the years there has been fraud by companies and Doctor’s in the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Industry.  But that happens in VERY industry across the country.  Did you know that the customer has to have the “eye to eye” with the Doctor and the Doctor signs and acknowledge under perjury the customer is whom they claim to be.  Home office has a whole slue of people who over see the whole process from start to end and make sure by  Medicare, Medicaid mandates that the correct DME is being prescribed for the customer, and that is done by many parts of information being gathered and then matching that to the Medicare, Medicaid mandate criteria. Which means if a person weighs under 251 pounds we cant place them in the next bigger unit because we want more money, it does not work that way.

      As employee’s we are suppose to report abuse of the power chairs, and once we do an investigation begins, they in turn at the end will make a decision as to allow the customer to submit future repairs claim to Medicare, Medicaid or they are put into a cash only status.  And that is done because yes abuse of the unit does happen.

           But to make claims “The Scooter (Power Chair) Scam” is off base, there are many customer’s who have legitimate physical limitations that effect there daily living and independence, you should deliver a power chair to a customer who has used a walker for a long time and are afraid to go out because they are afraid they will fall or tire to quickly and the start crying because they know they can go out and enjoy life and have independence once again and they thank you for the power chair.  To me that is about being human, about doing the next right thing, being humble, showing dignity for other people, showing respect, not judging others by there physical appearance or limitations, but being able to part of something special for that person.

           Getting upset or mad at the DME industry to me is somewhat pointless, when America should be trying to solve homeless, teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, un-employment.  Please take what you want from this post, but please know the DME industry is heavily regulated and monitored. 

  29. I cannot agree more with the exception of scooters don't make people fat. They add to the weight problem by eliminating all exercise all together. Walking, even for a short distance is better than nothing at all.

    If anyone wishes to see what I am talking about, I would suggest you go to any restaurant that has a buffet.

    There you will see what appears to be a fat peoples convention, complete with all the food you can eat!

    You will witness first hand people filling plates with as much food as it can possibly carry, even though its an all you can eat buffet.

    However, these people will do this four or five times. After eight helpings of desert, they will fill a bag with more food for a snack later before bed.

    Then like illegal aliens, smokers and everyone else, they will blame the buffet for their addiction to food. Only in America. JD Thanks for the comment. JD

  30. skinny old fogey

    Sheez, I have never seen so many ignorant people! Riding a scooter doesn't make you fat; there is no disease that makes you fat, the body can not generate fat out of thin air!!! Putting more "stuff" in your mouth then what your body needs is what makes you fat.

    No, wait lets eat too much and get fat and dream up a new name for a disease and blame it on that. I'm sorry but look at the people at the fast food places, at the donut counter, at the grocery store with shopping cart full of ice-cream, candy, frozen food, cakes, pies, sugar this or sugar that…… 98% of the time they are fat! Wake up you fat people and look at what you are eating!

    I was among the fat people. I use to smoke; I quit and started eating anything, no everything. In less then a year I almost doubled my weight had to buy new clothes and then I saw a picture of myself. Wow! I looked like a pear, a big fat pear! I changed my diet and started exercising. I am now old, bad back, pinched nerves in my legs but I eat good food and exercise every day. Now I can out run, out work, out swim people half my age and women think I look hot!

    All you bleeding heart people that want to keep spending OUR tax dollar on these fat people, please sign a list and we will bill you for the fat people's scooters!

    Sorry but the government does not owe any body anything! Especially those that cause they own problems!

  31. none of your 2

    jd some people really do overeat when they wouldn't have to and put on weight. Others have trouble with medications that make them crave sweets. You are cruelly ignorant not to think such drugs exist. I was on one of these drugs and when I switched to a different med I lost 50 pounds without trying.

  32. Anonymous

    As a former employee all as I can say is that they are laughing all the way to the bank. Don't get me wrong, the scooter store does help several individuals with mobility issues but a large percentage is fraud. Employees are driven by bonuses and other incentives and the paperwork is not to medicare guidelines. Now with the new alliance and seating division they will be able to bill medicare for high end rehab chairs. Several of the chairs I have seen in the field were maxed out for billing purposes and the patient did not qualify for the chair. We are talking anywhere from 10 to 25 thousand per chair here folks. Since Medicare has changed the standard Power chair to a rental as of Jan 2011 profit margins are now focused on the rehab division and competitive bidding contracts. Convicted of fraud previously they are now under investigation again but political contributions continue to buy them time. Recently the head of the rehab division resigned his position and it was reported as a mutual agrement. Can you say whistle blower…….

  33. Kelley L Armstrong

    You are selfish and an inconsiderate biggot who ought to be sentenced to prison for writing such a hainis article. Oh By the way, I hope god pays you back. Look at the poor people who can't help it if they are physically handicapped and are wheelchair bound or on a powerchair. One day you'll be sorry you said all this because you're going to have a child who's disabled. May god help you because noone will. Go get some medical help because you desperately need it.

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  35. Tony

    well , I can't stand it when idiots like this put all of us in one category. Comments like these come from uneducated fools who have never had to experience what it's like to be overweight. I have struggled with weight issues my entire life . My dad's side of the family were all heavy. And all of them had thyroid issues. I am lucky enough to have that same problem . But let me tell you that I worked like a dog my entire life doing physical labor and when I retired they needed two men to replace me.You couldn't hang with me for an hour , never mind a day . Obesity is a disease that many people suffer with . And by the way ,no one wants to be fat. I guess an alcoholic is much more acceptable in our society because no one cares how much they drink , as long as they aren't fat , right. We have to wear our disease wherever we go. You could be sitting next to a person with aids right now and not even know it . But if your sitting next to a fat person , you become disgusted. Makes a lot of sense right ?

    • Webmaster

      Okay, first of all, Obesity is not a disease, its caused by eating more that you need to eat in order to sustain life.

      My suggestion to you is that you stop hiding behind the "thyroid issue" and start to look at what you actually put into your fat everyday as opposed to how much food you put into muscle.

      I have seen a thousand people at a dozen supermarkets filling their bike racks on their scooters with twinkies, hoho's, frozen everything, fried everything, and every brand of cookie and chocolate known to man into their baskets.

      When listening to what ails them in life, its their "thyroid."

      Thats bullshit. Your fat. Accept it. Stop hiding behind the fact that as a child, you were probably undisciplined, watched as a bunch of fat family members gorged themselves on enough food each day to feed eight people, and go on a diet.

      As far as my ability to "keep up with you on a job" while you stood there huffing and puffing and sweating profusely from carrying three people on your back while walking to a job site, I would be putting my tools away and going home.

      Suck it up fatty. Learn to eat right first. Then learn to live.


      • Anonymous


        You are correct for the most part in reference to folks out of control with food, lack of exercise, hiding behind excuses like it’s my thyroid, companies ripping off people, insurance companies, tax payers & the government and more. Hell there are doctors, hospitals, drug companies, staged car accidents and more ripping off in the same fashion. This is why our insurance is so costly. So your right, all of this does cost society more. We All pay for all of the Free stuff that is advertised and more. It is not Free. Even the person who received the free stuff pays more for their insurance, the price of stuff at stores, etc. as a result of accepting so called free stuff. I would like to advise you to be cautious not to include everyone that is in need of a wheel chair in your statement. Please admit that there are always exceptions to every situation. Example: I had a serious motorcycle accident three years ago that was not my fault; I have had ten surgeries to date. I can not walk well because of my messed up foot, back, shoulder & neck. I also need to have a full ankle replacement coming up in about two to five years. It is dependant upon how fast I wear through the carlege and then have bone to bone contact. I have worked out at Gold’s Gym (Three Hour Work Outs) for many years and have obtained the wash board stomach, big legs and arms, etc. I had a great trainer. I was 6’1”, 240 lbs, with 10% body fat. He taught me about diet & to take in the same or less calories than I am burning to maintain or loose weight & mussel mass. I am even on a diet with Isagenix products now. My issue now is that I burn far less calories now as a result of lack of exercise due to my condition. I do exercise by limping around the house a little and I also use some rubber band stuff for low impact exercise. I can not walk, stand, lean, or sit or use a tread mill. I can not do sit ups or anything like that because of my lower back. I can not lift or pull weights because of my shoulder & neck so I have to watch my calories very closely. Even with that I am having a challenge with controlling my weight. I have been to aqua therapy, physical therapy and more. I am still experience extreme pain and will for the rest of my life according to the doctors. I still experience so much pain that it is unconceivable to think that I can take in less calories than I am currently burning. Another Example: Over Weight is a disease. It is well know that food is an addiction just like any other addiction like alcohol, drugs, sex, etc, etc. Part of the addiction is usually but not always a traumatic event or events that occurred in ones life. Usually but not always in one’s childhood for example: Sexual, physical or verbal abuse, death of an acquaintance, friend, family member or pet, etc. or canceling a sexual preference that may not be accepted by society or family & friends in the past or present (In the closet) and more. One eats to escape the pain just like with most other addictions. It does work, however when you stop eating, drinking, doing drugs, the pain of the past returns and you must re-indulge to escape it again. It usually is not until you face those issues of the past either with professional help or shear will power (Most do not have that kind of will power), that you will have a chance to be in control of your addiction. Another example: There are paraplegics and other crippled individuals who in no way fall into your category not to mentioned others who are in need of a wheel chair that are not over weight so please include a disclaimer in your statements that you are not including everyone who is in need of a wheel chair, that needs to get off their ass and exercise, etc., etc. If you do not, then you are saying to me and others that you don’t recognize “anyone” being in a real need for a wheel chair. In my heart I think you know this but some how did not convey this. At least you got everyone going in here, didn’t you?



  36. Bryan Uran Diot

    your a loser and an idiot

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